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Gen Z ❤️ Podcasts, ASA Host-Read Guidelines. & More

Gen Z ❤️ Podcasts, ASA Host-Read Guidelines. & More

May 20, 2024

The rise of podcasts among Gen-Z: A look at the success of LA-based show, Dropouts Podcast by Jada Camille

Daily free newspaper AMNY covers a recent live show of comedy podcast Dropouts, which sold out popular NYC venue Gramercy Theater. A podcast selling out live shows is noteworthy, but AMNY goes on to discuss Gen Z’s love of the medium with a 2023 study from SiriusXM. If podcasting does the research and makes it available, outlets who might not normally discuss podcasts can more easily cover the industry. [Source]

Ad Labelling in Podcasts Research Report

U.K. advertising regulatory body Advertising Standards Authority  has published a report looking at podcast ads. Findings include the efficacy of commonly-used memetic language used in podcast ads, such as “sponsored by” more clearly defining the content is an ad than “partnered with,” which might imply a two-way relationship between the podcast and the company. In addition to the report, the ASA has published guidelines for disclosure of host-read ads in podcasting. [Source]

Podcasts: Highly Effective Channel to Reach Senior Execs

Inspired by a Signal Hill Insights report back in March, Podchaser used its Pro data to look at the makeup and preferences of executives listening to podcasts. Key findings include 84% of podcasts popular with execs skew male, 78.2% of podcasts popular with execs regularly feature guests, and 91% of all executive-enjoyed shows are marked Clean. [Source]

Evolving how you create on Spotify for Podcasters

Starting in June, several proprietary creation tools in Spotify for Podcasters (both on mobile and web versions) will be retired. Impacted features include Record with Friends, Voice Messages, and the episode builder available in mobile and web versions of the SfP dashboard. The move is motivated by the recently-announced partnership with Riverside to revamp content creation and utilize their tools. [Source]

Walled Garden Platforms Are Drowning Marketers In Self-Attributed Sales by James Hercher

Advertising run in walled garden ecosystems presents the issue of attribution data that is entirely delivered by the company maintaining that garden. Sometimes that house-made numbers are untethered from reality as return-on-ad-spend reports show massive contribution while sales say otherwise. [Source]

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