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Podcast Ad Frequency Study, YouTube Trend Data, IAB Podcast Revenue Report, & more.

Podcast Ad Frequency Study, YouTube Trend Data, IAB Podcast Revenue Report, & more.

October 26, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

What is the Optimal Number of Ads in an Audio Ad Break? by Lisa Prentis Jacobs

Ad Results Media (ARM) has completed a 14 month study of how podcast ads perform based on the number of ads in a commercial break. The analysis takes into account over $80 million in ad spend and compared performance among different buckets of ad counts in an ad break. Their findings show podcast ads performed best when there were only two ads in a break, scoring 12% better than breaks with 3 or 4 ads. While they found no significant difference between breaks with 3 and 4 ads, once breaks reached 5 ads performance dropped to 46% worse than breaks with 2 ads. [Source]

U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study 2023: Drivers, Strategies, and Tactics for Growth

The new IAB study conducted with PwC is built from responses to an in-depth quantitative survey of leading podcast publishers, as well as discussions with experts. Key findings include the majority of podcast advertising is used for brand-building, making up 61% of total ad revenue (a 13% increase in the last two years). There’s still plenty of room for programmatic advertising to grow in podcasting, as even with it having grown to five times what it was in 2021, programmatic still only accounts for 11% of podcast revenue. [Source]

YouTube Culture & Trends Report 2023

Yesterday Google presented a new study combining internal analysis of hundreds of YouTube trends with surveys run by research and consulting firm Ipsos in 14 countries. Key findings of interest to podcasting include the stat that 54% of respondents would rather watch a breakdown video of an event than the event itself, the kind of content podcasting excels at. 55% of respondents watch content that no one else they know watches, indicating the trend of hyper-personalized content is growing. Podcasting’s bread and butter is the ability for shows to be created specifically to appeal to niche audiences. [Source]

…as for the rest of the news: -AdExchanger shares what they overheard at the Prebid Summit, MarketingBrew shares what they overheard at Advertising Week, and Maria Novikova shares her top ten podcasts to stay abreast of news in adtech and marketing tech.

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For the first time, more podcast listeners say that they have watched a podcast in the last 30 days than have listened to one. Yet, simply popping your pod on YouTube is likely to fail. So, what are podcasters to do? Sound You Can See dives into consumer perceptions of podcasts on video — and how they continue to drive the future of this medium. The study examines differences in perceptions between video primaries and audio primaries, from preferred topics and genres to the surprising demographic that “listens” to more than half of their podcasts on YouTube. We will also look at when podcast consumers choose one over the other.

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