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🎵Labels on Music AI, Cross-Apple Podcast Subscription, & More

🎵Labels on Music AI, Cross-Apple Podcast Subscription, & More

June 25, 2024

Apple TV+ reveals trailer for new Apple Original podcast “My Divo” premiering July 1

The new show is Apple TV+’s first dual-language podcast, released in both English and Spanish. My Divo also is the first Apple Original Podcast that is paired with the Apple TV+ connected subscription service, allowing subscribers early access to all eight episodes of the show on release.

Record labels come for music-making AI by Sam Klebanov

A group of sizable music production and distribution companies, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Warner Music Group have filed lawsuits against AI song generator startups Suno and Udio (the tool behind the viral AI-generated BBL Drizzy). The suit alleges the two AI companies are being “evasive” with their phrasing of where they sourced data to train the generative AI, with the record labels suspecting both startups are training their AI with unlicensed music.

Streamers’ efforts to keep subscribers around are yielding mixed results: report by Jasmine Sheena

A new State of Subscriptions report from Antenna finds streaming video on demand subscriptions increased 10.2% year over year in Q1 of this year. A noticeable slowdown from the 18.8% y-o-y growth from Q1 2023. While ad-supported streaming can be attributed to some of that number change, churn is still an ongoing issue. Something podcasting could benefit from, as the industry has the ability to symbiotically generate hype for streaming service content with official watchalong podcasts, interviews, and licensed audio fiction that expands on the stories told in the streaming version of the IP.

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