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Podcast Ad Expectations, 1 Billion Down-Under Downloads, Podcasting’s Programmatic Potential, & More

Podcast Ad Expectations, 1 Billion Down-Under Downloads, Podcasting’s Programmatic Potential, & More

January 17, 2024

Podcast Ad Creative Disconnect Revealed In Cumulus Media And Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download by Pierre Bouvard

The Fall 2023 edition of the Podcast Download, a report by Signal Hill Insights and Cumulus Media, found podcast consumers’ ad preferences are different than the majority of ad creatives they receive. Of the 608 weekly podcast consumers surveyed by MARU/Matchbox last October, 71% said they are interested in ads that are funny or entertaining. Meanwhile, they’re largely getting ads that communicate features or benefits of the product or service, 78% of the time compared to entertaining ads at 72% and funny ads at 68%. Podcasting is a unique medium in that audiences have a tendency towards positive feelings about brands that financially support their favorite shows. If brand marketers leaned more towards entertaining podcast ad creative, they’ll build a relationship with the consumer faster and stronger than with the old-school feature/benefit strategy. [Source]

Australians downloaded more than 1 billion podcasts in 2023

As the headline said, the December Australian Podcast Ranker from Triton Digital and CRA (Commercial Radio & Audio) found Aussie podcast listening increased 26% year-over-year to 1.03 billion downloads.The average Australian listener spent 2.3 hours a week listening to podcasts last year, averaging 3.95 downloads a week. According to CRA CEO Ford Ennals, 43% of Australia listens to a podcast at least once a month, making the country one of the largest consumers of podcasts globally. [Source]

Can programmatic help podcasts find the money? by Damian Fowler

While programmatic advertising makes up 1 in 10 podcast revenue ad dollars, older mediums see 9 in 10 ad dollars delivered programmatically. For all of the industry’s progress, there’s plenty of room for programmatic to grow. As our very own Bryan Barletta says when quoted in the article, a majority of advertisers he speaks to in podcasting are, at a minimum, exploring programmatic opportunities. As mentioned in our first story, podcasting’s evolution away from direct-to-consumer into brand awareness and branded content could be a prime avenue for increasing programmatic’s presence in podcast advertising via brand-building campaigns. [Source]

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