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Embracing YouTube Podcasting, CTV’s Path Through Maturity, & More

Embracing YouTube Podcasting, CTV’s Path Through Maturity, & More

August 24, 2023

Embracing YouTube: A Must for Today’s Podcasters by Steve Goldstein.

This week at Podcast Movement, Amplifi Media and Coleman Insights debuted a new study titled “The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube.” In a today’s new article, Amplifi Media CEO Steve Goldstein focuses on two key findings from the study: YouTube now outranks Spotify and Apple in podcast consumption, and 75% of survey respondents agreed a podcast can be audio or video, including podcast listeners who primarily use Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Goldstein breaks down what these findings mean and how podcasting can leverage them going forward.

Older Adults Make Up Just 4% Of People Featured In Ads by Karlene Lukovitz 

New from Karlene Lukovitz on MediaPost: A new report from creative tech company CreativeX finds advertising is underrepresenting a sizable, often affluent demographic. Their analysis included over 126,000 global ads released last year, representing $124 million dollars in ad spend. Of that sample, CreativeX found just 4% of people cast in ads were over the age of 60, an age group that represents 16% of the US population alone. Podcasting has had an uphill struggle to get traction with the 55+ demographic, which likely isn’t helped by advertising’s tendency to create ads for younger demographics.

Legacy TV Faces Challenges: Maturing Streaming, Lack Of A Future Ad Vision by Wayne Friedman

Connected TV may no longer be the new kid on the advertising block, but Friedman notes a lot of CTV’s success has relied on courting ad dollars from linear TV, leading to self-cannibalization on the part of legacy media companies who also own streamers. A potential path forward for CTV is shifting strategy to attracting advertising budgets from social and digital, rather than running the TV well dry. A strategy that might form a rough blueprint for how legacy radio could transition into podcasting.

Adalytics Claps Back With Evidence Of Behaviorally Targeted Ads Served In Kids Content On YouTube by Allison Shiff

This Wednesday a nonprofit coalition, led by the Center for Digital Democracy and Fairplay, submitted an open letter to the FTC calling for investigation into YouTube potentially violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Experiments conducted by both Adalytics and Schiff found that, despite Google policies, ads not specifically produced for kids were running on content clearly made for children. Meanwhile, in podcasting, Kids & Family continues to grow in popularity without much issue in the way of brand safety.