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Why Podcasters Should Embrace Ad Measurement, New Acast US Leadership, & More

Why Podcasters Should Embrace Ad Measurement, New Acast US Leadership, & More

August 16, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Why Podcasters and Publishers Should Lean into Ad Measurement by Paul Riismandel

Paul Riismandel stresses the importance of ad creative and measurement, as podcasters have unique agency compared to other media channels. Testing podcast ad campaigns on a pass/fail binary misses crucial information, like asking why an ad performed a certain way. With proper measurement that takes into account the creative as well as the audience, podcasters and publishers set themselves up for success.

Acast Supercharges US Leadership

Quite a few new faces have joined the US division of Acast recently. Former Lightbox Video Network CEO Greg Glenday joins as Chief Business Officer. Ricardo Neto, late of Spotify, is now Vice President of Sales in the US. And six-year Acast veteran Gabriella Gregoris has been promoted to Group Business Director oF National Performance.

This year’s upfronts deals, broken down by Kelsey Sutton

Continuing our occasional coverage of this year’s extended TV upfronts: they’re almost over. NBCUniversal, Netflix, Fox, Paramount, and Disney have closed up shop, while Warner Bros. Discovery and The CW have yet to finish. Most major companies have not disclosed their 2023 upfront CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), though previous reporting suggests CPMs from this year’s upfronts are consistently lower than last year, save for sports content. With continued underwhelming results and an extended three month engagement for some companies, the question remains: are upfronts still necessary, or a leftover from a bygone era?