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Podcasting in India, Q1 Revenue Growth, & More

Podcasting in India, Q1 Revenue Growth, & More

May 1, 2024

City Cast Finds Traction in Radio Model by Mark Stenberg

As the name suggests, City Cast produces daily podcasts and newsletters for news and cultural happenings in each of the 11 cities it currently serves. According to Sounds Profitable founder Bryan Barletta, one of the aspects that has helped City Cast grow since 2021 is its local focus. A podcast and newsletter combo specifically focusing on a given metropolitan area can offer direct access and a unique value proposition to local businesses that might not feel like they’re getting similar service from other mediums. [Source]

Podcast Pulse India Report

The new report on podcasting in India is built from both quantitative (specifically surveys of 2,170 people in ten cities) and qualitative (digital diaries from 100 listeners who consume podcasts at least weekly for more than three months) data. Key findings include podcasting’s room to grow in the country, as 82% of the quantitative respondents were ‘unaware’ of podcasts. 78% of podcast consumers in India started listening to podcasts less than a year ago, with only 22% of respondents having started over a year ago. [Source]

Podcast advertising benchmarks: Q1 2024

New from Magellan AI’s analysis of over 109,000 episodes of popular podcasts in Q1 of this year: Podcast ad spend is up 39% year over year. Six of the top ten spenders in Q1 were also in the top of the Q4 2023 list. 1,488 new brands have started advertising in podcasting for the first time since January. The share of 30 second ad spots grew 42% this past quarter. [Source]

How to Measure Success for an Influencer Marketing Campaign by Phoebe Kranefuss

A guide on what influencer marketing is and how to track it. One of the larger challenges unique to the field is the fact that tracking is trickier than paid social campaigns. For instance, A/B tests are unreliable at best due to the variability of an influencer’s reach. That said, influencer marketing allows brands to connect with target audiences in authentic ways. Just with the added requirement of a careful strategic approach that blends awareness, conversion metrics, and accounts for the fact that influencer campaigns will be less trackable. [Source].

With YouTube Booming, Podcast Creators Get Camera-Ready

Several chart-toppers have always had a video component, but with the rise of video podcasting several established names are paying top dollar to build out filming spaces for video content. While video podcasting will continue to grow in popularity, it’s worth cautioning the podcast world against a potential sequel to the infamous pivot to video that rocked other mediums in the mid 2010s. [Source]

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