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Podcasting Prime Minister, Global Weekly Listeners, & More

Podcasting Prime Minister, Global Weekly Listeners, & More

May 6, 2024

Beyond the Headphones: The Portrait of a Podcast Listener as Filipino

A new study conducted in the Philippines surveyed 850 respondents from late October to late November of last year. In the four years since the last version of this survey, podcasting has risen from 22.5% in preferred media platforms (sixth place overall) to 50.5%, third behind social media networks (80.8%) and Internet (81.9%). 95% of respondents consume something from a media platform on a daily basis, and 71% of that group are daily podcast listeners. [Source]

Where are global podcast–listeners in 2024?

New stats from YouGov collect consumer surveys from 47 global markets to give a view of podcast listening on a global scale. 40% of respondents listen to podcasts for more than an hour per week. 10% listen more than 10 hours a week. Podcasting’s global growth is also contributing to the overall consumption of audio as a medium, according to new research from PQ Media. [Source]

DEA May Reclassify Marijuana, But Cannabis Ads Will Still Be Off-Limits To Radio

An upcoming proposal could potentially reduce Marijuana down to a Schedule III drug, putting it on the same legal level as ketamine, anabolic steroids, and testosterone. As legislation currently stands, radio and TV stations cannot run advertisements for cannabis dispensaries. Podcasting, on the other hand, can. And already have, as back in September a dispensary announced they would run geo-targeted ads in Illinois as podcast ads on Spotify. [Source]

After years of caution, pharma advertisers are embracing influencer marketing by Sam Bradley

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies like Gilead Science are dipping their toes into influencer marketing. For example, Digitas Health has incorporated influencer partnerships into a campaign for their PrEP (HIV Prevention) brand Descovy. Partnerships that outperformed previous paid digital and social work, according to Digitas’ director of engagement strategy. As more pharma advertisers look into the world of influencer marketing, podcasting would be a natural fit. [Source]

What Trudeau’s podcast appearances say about Canada’s next election by Stephanie Taylor

Incumbent Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has incorporated podcasts into his re-election campaign strategy. Appearances include Today, Explained, Freakonomics, and The Big Story with interviews averaging between half an hour and an hour. And as CBC News’ Aaron Wherry notes in his coverage, a big motivator in the uptick of political podcast guests is the desire for candidates to discuss policies in a more longform way than press junkets or speeches allow. [Source]

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