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Podcasting’s Ad Bargain, Gen Alpha’s Favorite Platforms & More

Podcasting’s Ad Bargain, Gen Alpha’s Favorite Platforms & More

April 3, 2024

The Ad Bargain is Live

As of an hour ago, Sounds Profitable’s latest study, The Ad Bargain, is live. The study is named after the inherent deal made by any consumer of ad-supported media: publishers provide content the consumer likes, and the consumer will give some attention to its sponsors.  Back in 2023 The Medium Moves the Message looked at comparing the effectiveness of podcasts as an advertising vehicle compared to broadcast/cable TV and broadcast radio. The Ad Bargain looks at podcast advertising’s effectiveness in comparison to two other fast-growing categories: YouTube and connected TV (CTV). The study is available for free direct download, as well as Tom Webster’s 40 minute webinar (guest starring his two greyhounds Walnut and Hazel), on Sounds Profitable. Check out the Research Database Snapshot below for a slide pulled from The Ad Bargain. [Source]

Industry KPIs: YouTube and X emerge as leaders for social media advertising attention by Sara Lebow

According to eMarketer industry KPI (key performance indicator) data from Adelaide, YouTube is outperforming all other social platforms in regards to social media ad attention. As far as social attention metric (AU) is concerned, even YouTube’s lowest quarter (63 AU) is still significantly higher than X (formerly Twitter) in second place with 33.5. Podcast advertising outperformed all platforms except for YouTube throughout 2023, starting with 51.17 in Q1 2023 and ending at 49.12 by the end of the year. [Source]

Where and how Gen Alpha consumes content: From YouTube to Netflix to Roblox by Sara Lebow

While the digital future of the newest generation (born between the 2010s and 2024) might be set to change as states like Florida set strict age minimums on social media platforms, the digitally-native Gen Alphas nevertheless have a footprint online. YouTube is by far the most popular, with eMarketer’s February 2024 forecast predicting 97.3% of US Digital video viewers under 12 will use YouTube. Podcast consumption is rising with kids, too. GWI data shows the share of Gen Alpha aged 8-15 who listen to podcasts increased 13% year over year from 2021 to 2022, reaching 26%. [Source]

‘It’s just going to be a competition of attention’: Why performance marketers are shifting their priorities to build the brand by Kimeko McCoy

Performance marketing has reached an inflection point as digital advertising becomes more crowded, expensive, and data privacy initiatives grow in strength. Though, instead of a full paradigm shift in the opposite direction, a healthy diet of multiple disciplines is suggested by Digiday’s sources. Now the sector is shifting back to brand building and awareness marketing tactics, finding a balance between performance and brand to stand out. The renewed focus on brand awareness could be a boon for podcasting, as the medium is proven to be particularly effective when it comes to branded content. [Source]

…as for the rest of the news:

Research Database Snapshot

Source: The Ad Bargain from Sounds Profitable

What it says: A ranking of nine advertising platforms/mediums by how willing they are to consider products and services advertised on that media.

What it means: While the top four are a tight pack, podcasting takes the lead when it comes to consumer willingness to participate in their half of the “ad bargain.”

Why it’s cool: Statistically, there isn’t much separating podcasts from the next three entrants, but it does occupy the top tier compared to both streaming and broadcast TV or radio