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Postal Match Issues, HGTV Stars Launch Podcast Network, Improving Hispanic Targeting, & More.

Postal Match Issues, HGTV Stars Launch Podcast Network, Improving Hispanic Targeting, & More.

October 11, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Nearly Half the Data Used for Ad Targeting is Wrong by Jack Neff

According to Truthset, a firm that evaluates consumer database accuracy, an important data match (anonymized email addresses with postal addresses) is right only 51% of the time. The proposed core problem seems to stem from pressure for larger datasets, leading to more known junk data being incorporated. Even data sets with low hit-rates, such as one provider with a 44% accuracy to postal matches, have segments of good data that can return an 80-90% match rate. One proposed solution is to begin attaching metadata to each ID that tracks when the data was collected and the match was made, allowing data sets to purge older matches that have a higher chance of being inaccurate. A reminder to those in the podcast space to work with partners that are meticulously in both their accuracy and purging what they find to be inaccurate. [Source]

Hispanic Audience Measurement Requires Nuance. We’re Still Using Blunt Instruments by Hana Yoo

Hispanic audiences are a sizable demographic in the U.S., but as advertisers begin to engage with them existing data and measurement methods run into issues. For instance, the 2020 census data on Hispanic population in the US is far from complete, due to political efforts to discourage participation from immigrant communities. Even if the census were accurate, a simple yes/no box for whether someone is quote-unquote Hispanic strips away the cultural nuance that otherwise could benefit advertisers wanting to get away from pan-Hispanic campaigns. With more time and money invested in accurate population data, marketers can begin to go beyond generalized campaigns into making campaigns authentically targeting specific cultural segments. [Source]

TV and film producers prepare for potential post-strike production logjam by Tim Peterson

With the WGA strike over, Hollywood is anticipating a production traffic-jam once the SAG-AFTRA strike is concluded and everyone goes back to work at the same time. Due to the length of the strikes, the normally quiet period from November through the end of the year for productions will likely become a logjam. From actor scheduling conflicts to sound stages still holding sets built in the spring, film and TV has some new problems to solve in a post-strike rush. A predicament that could lead to more new productions being piloted as podcasts while they wait for the post-strike traffic jam to clear. [Source]

…as for the rest of the news: Signal Hill Insights Paul Riismandel shows how one can measure streaming audio alongside podcasts, Acast’s Megan Davis writes about the company embracing women podcasters in Saudi Arabia, superstar HGTV couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are launching a podcast network in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery’s The Roost, Digiday Research collects their CMO Strategies in one place, and MarketingBrew looks at the modern evolution of the marketing jingle: custom TikTok audios.