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SiriusXM Revamp Revealed, Niche Beats Scale, Spotify’s Fan Study, & More

SiriusXM Revamp Revealed, Niche Beats Scale, Spotify’s Fan Study, & More

November 9, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

SiriusXM Lowers Price, Reboots to Take on Streaming Music Rivals With “Human-Curated” Focus by Alex Weprin

SiriusXM CEO Jennifer Witz has given THR an interview detailing the much-teased fall update to the SiriusXM app. The price of an all-access streaming subscription is now down to $9.99, a dollar cheaper than the old SXM price and comparable subscriptions to Apple and Spotify. The new streaming app is set to launch December 14th with a similar in-car experience releasing next year. The new app aims to be sleeker and faster-performing, with a noted focus on providing human-curated channels and playlists in addition to algorithmically-generated content. [Source]

 Media Briefing: In 2024, publishers and buyers say events and niche media will win ad dollars over scale by Kayleigh Barber

Four media executives interviewed by Digiday say that while there’s still some Q4 ad deals coming in just under the wire, there’s promising conversations being had with advertisers and agencies around planning for Q1 2024, as well as full-year campaigns. Advertising at scale is also taking a backseat to experiential campaigns and focus on niche. Good thing podcasting is built on a bedrock of producing niche, engaging content.  [Source]

Podcasters Can Better Connect to Their Audiences With the Insights From Our Latest Fan Study

The new Fan Study is built by Spotify for Podcasters in partnership with internal Spotify data scientists. Among other fundings, Spotify’s data shows several hot spots that appear to be prime periods to release podcasts. 78% of consumption takes place during the work week, with listenership spiking during peak commute times (8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. respectively). The parasocial power of podcasting continues to thrive, as 73% of listeners surveyed said they’re interested in finding more opportunities to interact with their favorite podcast hosts. 54% of respondents said their top way of finding a new podcast is hearing about it on a podcast they already listen to, reaffirming the power of cross-podcast promotion. [Source]


Research Database Snapshot

Source: amp Sound Branding’s amplify

What it says: The Top 10 Brands for Gen Z, ranked by “Sonic Score”

What it means: Even as campaigns and messages change, the top brands by “Sonic Score” are the ones who consistently keep the same sonic branding

Why it’s cool: Sonic branding doesn’t have to be a “jingle” – the startup sound of a Mac, or the “Ta-dum” of Netflix are consistent, short, and memorable.