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Spotify Podcasts Get 💬, Nielsen on Women’s Sports, & More

Spotify Podcasts Get 💬, Nielsen on Women’s Sports, & More

July 9, 2024

Spotify Adds Comments, Podcast Management App

Last year Spotify debuted both Q&A and poll functionality for podcast profiles within the Spotify app. Now Spotify for Podcasters has introduced the ability for podcast audiences to leave comments on podcasts. In addition, the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard is now available as a mobile and desktop app to allow for more granular management of a podcast on Spotify. The new app is also platform-agnostic, not requiring users to host their show on Spotify for Podcasters to still make use of it.

‘Melrose Place’ Gets Rewatch Podcast As ‘Charmed’ Show Gets Reboot by Peter White

Celebrity-fronted rewatch shows continue to grow in popularity. The House of Halliwell: A Charmed Rewatch Podcast, which originally ran for two seasons with funding from Patreon, is re-launching on iHeartMedia’s podcast network, starting over from the beginning with Charmed star Shannen Doherty as co-host. On the drama side of TV, CBS is in the process of producing a reboot for the hit 90s drama Melrose Place. In the build-up, three of the show’s original actors are set to host an iHeartPodcasts rewatch podcast of the original series. A move that further demonstrates rewatch podcasting’s ability to generate hype and keep IP front-of-mind before a show hits air.

Reaching LGBTQ+ Consumers Is Important All Year Round – And Here’s How To Do It

This pride month, brand marketing efforts towards the LGBTQ community were notably less present than previous years, with the number of brands directing marketing explicitly towards queer audiences coming in at 55%. A combination of recent backlash to campaigns like Bud Lite’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, as well as data regarding sexuality and transgender status being considered sensitive information, could be contributing to this downturn. This results in limited targeting options and a push not to use first-party data to identify queer consumers. The initial solution is to identify content with a visibly queer audience, as well as LGBTQ owned content, and invest in that.

The Best Bet In Sports Content Right Now? Nielsen Says It May Be Women’s Sports

From the 2024 Women’s NCAA tournament reaching a peak of 24 million viewers at the final game, to the UK’s national Women’s Soccer League receiving a 17% boost in interest between 2023 and 2024 according to Nielsen, fandom for women’s sports is on the rise. Last month at Cannes Lion, iHeartMedia and Deep Blue launched their Women’s Sports Audio Network, a joint investment set to target the rapidly growing audience. The new Network and its accompanying Women’s Sports Podcast Network hope to increase accessibility for fans, one of the biggest hurdles to the space’s growth. Projected to reach about 75 million listeners a day, the Network launches with the daily news podcast Good Game with Sarah Spain.

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