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Spotify Podcast Trends, Business Podcast Audience Analysis, & More

Spotify Podcast Trends, Business Podcast Audience Analysis, & More

May 22, 2024

2024 Podcast Trends Tour

This latest report from Spotify is themed around trends identified in Spotify podcasting data. Such as the overall 172% increase in streams of podcasts about Taylor Swift on Spotify the week of her Grammy win. Spotify reports there has been a 78% year-over-year increase of podcasts with at least one video episode on the platform. [Source]

The Business Podcast Listener – Who They Are; How to Reach Them by Jeff Vidler

A follow-up to previous coverage of the podcast listening habits of business executives. This new look encompasses the wider world of business podcast listeners outside of just executives. The findings are built from the 1,245 Triton Digital Podcast Metrics Demos+ respondents Signal Hill Insights surveyed last year who had listened to a business podcast in the past week. Findings include a more diverse audience than the pool of executives, though they still value podcasts as educational tools over entertainment as top reasons for listening. [Source]

How Sell-Side Curation Is Reshaping The Post-Cookie Supply Chain by Anthony Vargas

As the retirement of third-party tracking cookies looms on the ad tech horizon, one method of building media audiences for buyers that is gaining traction once more is sell-side curation. The process matches a buyer’s first-party customer data to a publisher’s first-party audience data to create private marketplaces (PMPs). Now sell-side platforms (SSPs) are building curated marketplaces and bolstering their connections to publisher first-party data. [Source]

‘Peppa Pig’ Audible Podcast Unveils Launch Date & Name by Max Goldbart

The success and growth of Kids & Family podcasts continues with an iconic British pig. A previously-announced deal between Hasbro and Amazon’s Audible has now produced a podcast. PEPPA PIG’s Play-A-Long Podcast, set to launch July 11th, is a variety series involving interactive games and sing-along segments, making the series more engaging than a pure listening experience. [Source]