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Spotify x Patreon is here, Why Most Podcasters Skip Video, and more from The Download

Spotify x Patreon is here, Why Most Podcasters Skip Video, and more from The Download

August 10, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Why Are More Than Half of Podcasters Still Not Publishing Video?

Katie Paterson, feature writer at Alitu and The Podcast Host, tackles four reasons why audio-only podcasters have yet to join in on the video podcasting gold rush, including fragmented workflows to questions about the data suggesting video podcasting’s health on various platforms. Video may be the new hotness, but it’s worth recognizing audio’s inherent strengths as its own unique medium.

Connect Patreon to Spotify and Stream Your Favorite Podcasts in One Place

Spotify’s official integration with Patreon has left beta and is now available. Podcasters who also have Patreon accounts can now distribute paywalled content directly to the Spotify account of patrons. Spotify is also experimenting with custom banners podcasters can put on their free podcast’s page to promote the paid subscription. The banner implementation will be available to creators on any Spotify integrated platform for paid subscriptions, including Patreon, Supporting Cast, and Supercast.

How ad tech’s measurement titans are pivoting to attention and activation by Ronan Shields

Thanks to disclosures made during the latest round of quarterly earnings calls, there’s evidence suggesting DoubleVerify and IAS are preparing for the long-delayed retirement of third party cookies. DoubleVerify announced their intention to purchase AI company Scibids for $125 million, suggesting a probabilistic approach for gauging the context of ad placement. IAS is expected to go the deterministic route, given their partnership with Lumen Research to add eye tracking to the IAS Attention Model. As we’ve talked about before in this space, podcasting inherently valuing first-party data does make the industry a bit future-proof as third party cookies start to go away.

 Indie agency census reveals expected areas of ad spend growth

Part two of the Independent Media Agencies of Australia census for June has arrived and contains quite a few predictions that suggest where these indie agencies intend on spending their money. 92% of agencies surveyed predicted at least 25% of growth in connected television. In fourth place, podcasting has 75% of the vote that it will reach that same rate of growth in Australia by next year.

…as for the rest of the news: Digiday has a guide for what’s in and what’s out in influencer marketing for 2023, and this week’s issue of The Rebooting reminds us all that the media business is still hard.