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Spotify’s NewsFronts Debut, IAB Podcast Measurement v2.2, & More

Spotify’s NewsFronts Debut, IAB Podcast Measurement v2.2, & More

May 2, 2024

Podcast Measurement v2.2 is Ready for Implementation

The IAB Tech Lab has finished incorporating feedback from the public into version 2.2 of the Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines. Changes include new language requiring podcast measurement companies to document how they solve for anomalous activities, such as sudden download spikes from a single IP address. [Source]

Brands Chase Football Marketing Momentum at NFL Draft by Jason Notte

The NFL draft is currently underway and brands are working to capture the tuned-in sports fandom that habitually follows the perennial football event. Nationwide, Rocket Mortgage, even Snickers are getting in on the draft. Big sporting events and recurring franchises are proving to be popular in 2024, as Digiday notes in their coverage of publishers investing in tentpole and cyclical events. [Source]

News Orgs Are Done Begging For Ad Dollars Anthony Vargas

IAB CEO David Cohen announced at NewsFronts on Monday that 69% of consumers say advertising in disconcerting news has no negative effect on how they perceive a brand. 94% of consumers have a neutral or positive perception of brands that advertise in “quality” news content. Much like The Medium Moves The Message’s finding that podcast audiences tend to favor brands that financially support their favorite podcasts, even if the subject of the episode is particularly negative/offensive. The next challenge is effectively communicating the value of news audiences to brands who’ve been skittish enough to continue using tactics like keyword blocklists. [Source]

Spotify Is Ready to Compete for Video Advertising by Mark Stenberg

Spotify made its first appearance at NewsFronts as part of a larger move to attract advertising to its digital video inventory. And the inventory is growing, with Spotify podcasters having uploaded over 500,000 video episodes since the feature was first released. In addition to video podcasts, Spotify is getting into the CTV game with partnerships like the one with Roku that allows ads to be run on the Spotify Roku app. [Source]

Audible Tests Lower-Priced Plan in Possible Response to Spotify by Ashley Carman

Amazon’s audiobook subscription service Audible is testing out a new, cheaper audiobook plan that brings the service more in line with use-it-or-lose-it subscription services like Spotify’s listen-hour scheme. Traditionally, Audible has been built around the premise that once a subscriber uses their monthly token to purchase an audiobook, it stays in their library regardless of if they cancel their subscription. The new Audible Standard plan being piloted in Australia costs half the price ($8.99 vs. $16.45 AUD) and while it still offers one token per month, Standard users also cannot access purchased books if they cancel their subscription. Standard plans reportedly also cannot roll credits over month-to-month and will only receive limited access to Audible Originals podcasts.  [Source]

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