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Taylor Swift’s Podcast Influence, Upper Funnel Success, & More

Taylor Swift’s Podcast Influence, Upper Funnel Success, & More

February 14, 2024

Most B2B content marketers have trouble creating the right content for their audience by Meaghan Yuen

Back in July 2023, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs surveyed 1,080 business-to-business (B2B) marketers. When asked about their top content creation challenge respondents’ teams faced, the top result at 57% was creating the right content for the audience. Even with the challenges involved, B2B doesn’t seem to be fading as new deals are announced, like French holding company Havas reestablishing a B2B division with the acquisition of Ledger Bennett. And podcasting is the place to be making it. Take the research from Lower Street back in September that found 55% of business owners surveyed are daily podcast listeners. And if a company is already creating a podcast that properly serves the all-important Brand Fan base, they will have already done the hard work of creating something that sells why a B2B audience should care about the brand. [Source]

The Value of Measuring the Upper Funnel for Podcast Ads by Paul Riismandel

Brand campaigns focusing on upper funnel objectives (namely the “awareness” and “messaging” sections of the sales funnel) are the fastest growing segment of podcast ad spend, according to IAB/PwC data from last year’s U.S. Podcast Ad Revenue study. With that in mind, Paul Riismandel shares advice on how to best leverage the funnel as a direct-response brand without skipping important steps. The tried-and-true call to action with a promo code became synonymous with podcast advertising in the late 2010s, but if a new brand launches straight into doing that in their podcast ads, they’ve accidentally made an ad that tries to capitalize on their upper-funnel awareness without having done that step. Skipping the upper part of the funnel, or only counting conversions as a measure of upper funnel performance, could hinder long-term success as one resorts to strategies like oversaturating the market in an attempt to find more reach. [Source]

The Top 50 Podcasts in the U.S. for Q4 2023 from Edison Podcast Metrics

The Top 50 chart is back, based on surveys of 5,356 weekly podcast listeners aged 13 and up in Q4 of last year. The top three shows remain unchanged, with The Daily, Crime Junkie, and The Joe Rogan Experience in their usual ascending order. The true standout of this quarter is New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce making its top 10 debut in 6th place. What makes this particularly noteworthy is New Heights sat in 67th place in Q3. What changed in the intervening time? Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift went public, causing a flood of die-hard Swifties to become listeners in the 2023 equivalent of Beatlemania. Listenership has increased 4.5x the numbers from Q3 and the audience makeup of the Kelce football chat show has shifted to now be 50% female. [Source]

…as for the rest of the news: Meghan Markle has signed with Lemonada to distribute the royal couple’s Archetypes podcast plus develop a new podcast, and Business Insider takes a look into how MrBallen became a true crime podcast empire.

Speaking of MrBallen, if you’re in Austin for SXSW this March, the Sound Summit day of podcasting hosted by Sounds Profitable features a panel with Johnathan B Allen himself discussing the business of True Crime.