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TikTok Podcasts Ending, Podcasting’s Newest Demographic, McDonald’s Continues Diverse Podcast Initiative, & More

TikTok Podcasts Ending, Podcasting’s Newest Demographic, McDonald’s Continues Diverse Podcast Initiative, & More

December 13, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

TikTok Sunsets Podcast Feature

Last week TikTok users in the app’s Podcast integration beta received an email announcing the end of the program. According to a screenshot from Jason Gore in the Podcasting Community Discord server, the feature will be available through Friday the 15th, after which it’ll be disabled. All podcast content uploaded through the tool will be removed from the platform. TikTok says it values podcast creators and sees opportunity in the audio space, but has decided to focus efforts on “other initiatives.” [Source]

Teens are more online than ever, but platform preferences differ: report by Jasmine Sheena

The 2023 edition of Pew Research’s annual study on social media and technology usage by U.S. teens is here, and tastes are changing. Built from surveys of 1,453 teenagers aged 13 to 17, the study found TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are the most-used apps among respondents. Meanwhile, old-guard social media is struggling to keep the teen demographic. Facebook has dropped to around a third of teens saying they regularly use it, compared to a rate of 71% back in 2015. Tumblr has slipped in usage to the point Pew didn’t include it in the survey this year. Tastes are evolving, and short form clip-based platforms like TikTok and Instagram are coming out on top as the prime places to reach younger demographics. [Source]

Podcasters & Advertisers: Meet Your New Audience by Paul Riismandel

A focused look at a segment of the Podcast Download Fall 2023 Report, specifically dealing with the demographic labeled “Podcast Newcomers.” Half of the newcomers are aged 18-34, making them 64% more likely to be a young adult than Podcast Pioneers (people who have listened to podcasts for at least 4 years). Newcomers are also 23% more likely to be female than pioneers, and are far more likely to be from diverse backgrounds (including being two times as likely to be Hispanic than pioneers). To properly appeal to the next generation of podcast fans, advertisers and publishers should take note of the evolving makeup of what constitutes “a podcast listener.” [Source]

The Specialist DSPs Giving Omnichannel Giants A Run For Their Money By James Hercher

After a period of specialist demand-side platforms condensing down into omnichannel DSPs, it seems like the winds are shifting back towards specialist DSPs that have more flexibility and specialized expertise than their omnichannel cousins, serving every niche from political advertising to healthcare. Podcasting is strong with specialist DPS, including companies like AudioHook, AdsWizz, Audion, and more.  [Source]