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U.S. Latino Podcast Growth, Letting Brand Studies Breathe, & More

U.S. Latino Podcast Growth, Letting Brand Studies Breathe, & More

March 13, 2024

Latino podcast network My Cultura plans for major growth by Astrid Galván

The podcast network My Cultura is ramping up production ahead of its third anniversary. According to Nielsen’s Hispanic Audiences in Focus study from last year, Latino audiences are 13% more likely to listen to podcasts than the general U.S. population. A number that will likely continue to grow as 49% of Hispanic podcast listeners in Nielsen’s data have only started listening to podcasts in the past two years. My Cultura is on track to have 40 podcasts in the network, targeting English, Spanglish, and Spanish-speaking listeners aged 20 to 30. As podcasting continues its global growth, it’s vital to remember the sizable yet underserved demographics ready for relevant content. [Source]

What Five Hours With Alex Cooper’s Fans Say About Podcasting by Kaya Yurieff

Like a much more brand-safe Hunter S. Thompson, writer Kaya Yurieff embedded herself in the Alex Cooper fandom to experience multiple SXSW events thrown by Cooper’s Unwell Network. Cooper fans showed up in droves, celebs like Mark Cuban were spotted milling around the VIP area, some attendees even sported temporary tattoos of Cooper catchphrases. A reminder of the parasocial power of podcasting and how that can manifest a diehard audience. One Cooper intends to leverage into a larger media company that can stand on its own without purely relying on her influencer persona or Call Her Daddy. [Source]

Joe Rogan finally returns to YouTube and it’s a massive hit by Connor Bennett

The Joe Rogan Experience was a mainstay of video podcasting’s early days on YouTube until the show departed for Spotify exclusivity in 2020, keeping the channel alive on algorithmic life support with sub-ten-minute promotional clips from episodes only available on Spotify. The show’s first full episode back, a much-awaited Kat Williams interview, has averaged over a million views a day. YouTube’s video podcasting audience has grown substantially since 2020 and that seems to be on display as JRE bursts back onto the scene with over 22 million views in two weeks. [Source]

The Case for Going Long(er) with Brand Lift by Paul Riismandel

When measuring the effectiveness of podcasts and streaming advertisements it’s clear the more data, the better. While this can be achieved by simply adding more respondents to a survey, various limitations mean there will eventually be an upper ceiling on how many people can be included. Riismandel proposes the key to getting better brand lift data is to run measurement campaigns more than a calendar quarter to collect further data. And, as a bonus, multi-quarter campaigns are more efficient to run as the initial startup costs of a study are spread out over that longer period of time. It’s possible shorter, less representative brand lift studies could be one of the factors causing some brands to think podcasting doesn’t work for them, despite the industry’s proven capabilities when it comes to brand marketing. [Source]

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