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RSS Live on YouTube, 2023’s Average CPM, Podcast Execs on 2024 & More

RSS Live on YouTube, 2023’s Average CPM, Podcast Execs on 2024 & More

January 10, 2024

YouTube officially allows creators to publish podcasts via RSS feeds by Reem Makari

As of yesterday, YouTube’s RSS feed ingestion tool is out of beta and available for YouTube users in 98 countries, including the US, UK, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, and South East Asia. Users can now add their podcast’s RSS feed to their YouTube profile and start the process of automatically posting episodes to their YouTube podcast feed. Subscribers will only be notified about future episodes, so uploading a back catalog does not run the risk of overstimulating followers. As has been noted in the past, podcasts uploaded to YouTube can only have host-read ads or sponsorships that follow YouTube’s ad guidelines. [Source]

After a tough year, podcast execs say 2024 will bring in new advertisers amid stiff competition for listeners by Sara Guaglione

To get an overview of expectations for the coming year, Digiday has interviewed seven podcasting executives, ranging from companies like Sony Music Entertainment to Paramount Global.The coming year is expected to come with even more focus on providing quality over quantity when it comes to advertising. In addition, the executives cite 2023 as being a year of stalling ad spend due to budget cuts, but recently more new advertisers are getting into podcasting, bringing new opportunities. [Source]

Libsyn CPMs down 6% for 2023 by Adam Shepherd

AdvertiseCast has published their monthly advertising rates for podcasts on the AdvertiseCast marketplace, listed by CPM (cost per thousand impressions). As the headline notes, the overall average CPM value for 2023 dropped six percent year-over-year. Looking at the newest data that completed the monthly record for last year, December 2023’s average rate fell $0.63 USD year over year, going to $22.90 from December 2022’s average of $23.53. Libsyn points to a wider issue of a turbulent ad market last year, which brought down podcasting with it (though, as the 6% difference shows, not by much). [Source]

Can Programmatic Audio Rise In The Charts In 2024? by Hana Yoo

According to the IAB revenue study from back in October, programmatic advertising accounted for just 11% of podcast revenue in 2023. A noticeable difference from mediums like social and CTV (connected television) where programmatic advertising can make up nearly 90$ of the revenue. One speedbump to programmatic being able to grow quicker than current pace in podcasting is the engrained industry affection for baked-in host-read ads. The continued maturation of podcast ad delivery, including the fact that 92% of podcast revenue was delivered via a dynamically-inserted ad, and construction of more advertising infrastructure are expected to help out programmatic’s overall market share. [Source]

…as for the rest of the news:  Lower Street has announced their speaker lineup for a free brand podcast summit on January 24th, Adam Bowie looks at Edison’s top 25 podcasts in the UK from Q3 2023, and AdExchanger looks at programmatic CTV’s expected evolution for the year.

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