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Your AI Co-Host, Temu’s Sonic Branding Win, PodPod’s Merger, & More

Your AI Co-Host, Temu’s Sonic Branding Win, PodPod’s Merger, & More

February 22, 2024

Spreaker unveils the Supporters Club, a new monthly subscription feature directing 100% of revenue to creators. With a commitment to amplifying the creator-audience connection, Spreaker’s transparent, all-in-one platform fosters a sustainable and vibrant podcasting ecosystem. See more.

PodPod to be merged into Campaign

Haymarket Media Group has announced the decision to merge podcast news platform PodPod into sister publication Campaign. As a result, the PodPod brand will be retired. In addition, live events like the British Podcast Awards that were formerly overseen by PodPod will now be run by Campaign. For a local perspective on the merger we spoke to Adam Shepherd, former PodPod editor and now Head of Podcasts for Haymarket’s marcoms division and editor of the BPAs: “PodPod is passing the baton of audio advertising industry coverage to Campaign with complete confidence in their expertise and commitment to the sector. I’ll be contributing a regular column, and our portfolio of events will still continue, so watch this space for exciting developments in the future.” The merger and commitment to covering the business side of audio serves as a vote of confidence in the rapid and continued growth of the UK podcast industry. [Source]

Meet Your New Co-Host by Tom Webster

A lot has been written about the dangers of generative AI being used to replace humans in the podcast production process, but Tom Webster proposes a person-forward approach to implementing AI tools into a podcast workflow. A virtual co-host that helps maintain things behind the scenes, help brainstorming sessions, and polish grammar in scripts. From Webster’s conclusion: “Think of AI as the stage and we’re the playwrights, directors, and actors, all rolled into one. This is our moment to take a bold stance on blending technology with artistry in podcasting.” [Source]

Why we’re still humming Temu’s Super Bowl ad jingle by Ryan Barwick

One of the bigger viral breakout successes of this year’s Super Bowl advertising is the campaign for the discount consumer goods marketplace Temu. On top of three 30 second ad spots during the biggest annual sporting event in the U.S., valued at potentially $21 million, Temu brought the ultimate secret weapon: a catchy jingle. With enough repetition, the jingle seems to have achieved the ultimate goal of sticking in people’s ears, as Temu reportedly earned 32% of all branded and advertising conversations tracked by Brandwatch across major social media platforms during the big game. Sonic branding is a powerful tool, especially in podcasting. Back in 2023 Audacy and Vertionic’s sonic branding study found audio ad recall by double digits. [Source]

US scripted series declined 14% in 2023 by Meghan Yuen

According to a new eMarketer chart using data from FX Networks, the number of US original scripted TV series has increased since 2013, but is below the average growth. From 2013 to 2019 the number increased from 349 to 532. COVID-19 shutdowns caused a dip in 2020, but the growth picked up once more until a peak of 600 in 2022. For last year, the data only has 516. Two key factors cited are the TV industry still regaining momentum from early COVID, and the writer and actor strikes that halted production from spring through November for a lot of series. In recent years TV production companies have begun to embrace the power of audio fiction, piloting new ideas for scripted series in audio form before investing in a full pilot production for TV proper. Much in the same way manga acts as an idea hotbed for anime production, scripted audio fiction has been primed to become a symbiotic testbed for US TV. [Source]