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We had a baby

· By Bryan Barletta

Big news!

The Barletta household welcomed Bridger Barletta into the world on July 24th.

Sierra is doing amazing. Theo is thrilled Bridger doesn’t have brown eyes like me. I’m over the moon with happiness and love.

Sounds Profitable is just under a year old, so the idea of taking time off of any kind was very tough mentally to get behind. But the support I’ve received from all of you reading, my amazing sponsors, and the team that helps make this happen, I have never felt more comfortable in my career taking a bit of time away from the keyboard and mic to be with my family.

With so much happening in the industry, I was able to get ahead on articles and podcast recordings, so I’m not expecting us to miss a week, but if we do, I just ask for your patience.

I absolutely will be slow to respond to emails, but please continue to reach out. I really, truly, enjoy what I do and hearing feedback about it helps me grow and introduces new ways to collaborate.

I’d like to ask for two favors:

Thanks again for all your help and support.

Now, back to the family.


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Bryan BarlettaBryan Barletta (He/Him) is the voice behind Sounds Profitable. He started in the adtech industry so long ago that they used to ask, “Mobile advertising? Like on taxis?” (2008) before shifting into podcasting in 2015. His goal is to make in-depth adtech more accessible for readers and listeners. And, yes, it is sunny and warm in Austin today.

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