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Assistant Producer

Assistant Producer

From £38,500 To £38,500

Posted 3 weeks ago

At Fresh Air, we’re looking to recruit an Assistant Producer to join our wonderful team. You’ll need to be a special person, because this is a special job. The Job Description and package are described below. The deadline for written applications is 18:00 on Monday 15th April 2024.

To apply, please submit a full CV and a covering letter of up to 400 words describing your experience and why you think you should be our new AP to:

Job Description: Assistant Producer, Fresh Air Production

Our Assistant Producers work across multiple projects to help Producers and Senior Producers create wonderful work. They help the Exec team to make Fresh Air run smoothly and efficiently. They wear numerous hats, and they wear them well.

This opportunity is a permanent full time contract, subject to a probation period to start in May 2024.

An Assistant Producer IS …

  • –  Creative with ideas and their implementation
  • –  Curious to learn everything they can about our business
  • –  Committed to developing themselves
  • –  Collaborative with colleagues and clients
  • –  Capable of mucking in with everything from the mundane to the marvelous

An Assistant Producer cares about the work we create and the way it is delivered.

An Assistant Producer CAN …

  • –  Take constructive feedback and evolve their ideas until everyone’s happy
  • –  Ask for help when needed
  • –  Put hosts and guests at ease
  • –  Manage their own time
  • –  Balance multiple projects simultaneously
  • –  Join in with pitches and generously help to grow others’ ideas
  • –  Be flexible in thinking, techniques and approaches
  • –  Be resilient in trying ideas that might not work
  • –  Be proactive in finding ways to improve ways of working and the quality of what we make
  • –  Stick to deadlines
  • –  Build relationships with clients, colleagues and talent
  • –  Explain concepts, best practice and tech to producers and clients.
  • –  Adapt their communication style and ways of working according to the different needs of colleagues and clients
  • –  Be an ambassador for Fresh Air at client and industry events
  • –  Help to shape the future of Fresh Air

An Assistant Producer HAS …

  • –  At least 12 months experience at either a radio station or independent production company or equivalent
  • –  Proficient digital audio editing skills, ideally in Adobe Audition
  • –  Demonstrable experience of creating video assets, ideally in Adobe Premier Pro
  • –  Experience of, and the ability to record on location and in-studio. Knowledge of Zoom recording kit is a plus.
  • –  Good knowledge of remote recording techniques and software, including Riverside and Zoom
  • –  Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • –  Evidence of research skills and data handling in a previous role
  • –  The ability to work independently and manage their own time
  • –  Tons of ideas, team spirit, character and a sense of humour!

Yeah, OK but what does the Assistant Producer actually do?

You will be a lynchpin at the heart of the business, working with the Producers and Exec team across much of the portfolio, from research to creating videos, editing to uploading audio, ensuring that everything is delivered in line with the high expectations of both Fresh Air and our clients.

No two days will be the same. You will not spend them making teas and coffees.

Your typical working week might be made up of a combination of any of (but not limited to) the following:

  • –  Producing video clips and marketing assets
  • –  Gathering testimonials about our work
  • –  Compiling stats reports for clients
  • –  Using AI systems to automated transcripts
  • –  Sourcing archive material, music and sound effects
  • –  Researching guests, episode topics and presenters
  • –  Uploading audio for distribution via our distribution platform, Omny
  • –  Writing series and episode descriptions
  • –  Supporting the marketing team with the Fresh Air social feeds
  • –  Audio editing (everything from de-umming to mastering)
  • –  Liaising with acast and Spotify for ads and sponsorships
  • –  Helping to find and brief freelancers and creatives such as translators, designers etc
  • –  Liaising with talent agents and external studios
  • –  Helping the Operations Manager to improve our systems and help communicate changes to the rest of the Fresh Air team
  • –  Contributing to, and writing up, brainstorms and creative sessions
  • –  Managing and arranging translations
  • –  Suggesting improvements for our processes

You will ultimately be responsible for managing your own workload, and will take pride in producing the very best output possible. The management of Fresh Air will do everything we can to support you in this. You’re not on your own!

The Assistant Producer Package

  • –  Full Time, permanent contract with a 3 month probationary period.
  • –  An annual salary of approx. £38,500 per annum.
  • –  Full private health insurance.
  • –  Paid Holidays – 28 days, in addition to public holidays.

    Note: Fresh Air Production shuts down in the week between Christmas and New Year, and all staff are expected to take this as part of their holiday allowance unless agreed otherwise.

  • –  We’ll provide you with the hardware to do your job in any location, including a laptop.
  • –  We’ll provide licenses for all required software (Dropbox, Adobe, Microsoft etc)

Location: Fresh Air isn’t a business where everyone needs to be in the office every day or at fixed times. Our London office (15 Tileyard. N79AH) allows us to host meetings and work together in a creative, collaborative, comfortable environment, and means we can combine as a team most easily.

Ideally, we expect our Assistant Producer to be in the office for at least 2 days per week.

However, production and a great deal of the work we do can take place anywhere, and there is no obligation for an Assistant Producer to be in the office if it’s not necessary. Indeed, a commute into London is often a waste of time that could be more productively used at home. Location is therefore flexible according to each week’s workload.

Hours: We understand that different hours sometimes work best for different people at different times. An Assistant Producer’s hours need to be based on our standard week of Monday-Friday 9-6, and you’ll need to be available and contactable during most of that time. However, we also know that sometimes it’s not that simple, and we’ll look to provide flexibility when required.

Given the unpredictable nature of project-based workloads, some long days and out of hours work will be necessary. However, again, the Assistant Producer will be trusted to balance these out across the weeks.

There will be occasions such as networking events or group sessions which require the Assistant Producer to be available in the evening, but these will be arranged with plenty of notice.

Personal Development

It’s important that an Assistant Producer immerses themselves in the world of podcasting. With an industry that’s developing and growing so quickly, there are always new ways to improve the product, increase visibility etc, and we should be feeding this into our processes all the time.

We will provide training and support in whatever processes and skills are required for the Assistant Producer to continually improve in their role.

Are you the right fit for this?