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SvelteKit Developer

SvelteKit Developer

Remote (Anywhere)

Posted 5 months ago

Are you a Sveltekit expert with OpenAI API experience? We’re looking for someone with a special mix of great technical chops and a top-notch design sense to help us build our AI-powered podcast planner.

  • If you can get your hards dirty in the code, and also put together a brilliant looking, modern layout, then this is for you.
  • Closing date: As soon as we find the right person! So, apply quick.

We’re looking for a developer to work with us on our Podcast Planning assistant web app. We have build an initial prototype within our team, and we now need someone to take it on as an ongoing project, improve it and work with us to develop it over time.

This would initially be a set term project, as defined below, but we have many ideas to improve this app in future and the ideal candidate will be interested in taking on that work once the initial rebuild is complete.


The primary goal is to upgrade the existing codebase to meet professional standards, enhance robustness, and prepare the groundwork for the addition of new features.

Scope of Work

  1. Codebase Audit
    • Perform a thorough review of the current codebase.
    • Identify areas for improvement and standardization.
    • Provide recommendations for enhancements and code cleanup.
  2. Routing Implementation
    • Introduce routing to the application to enable navigation between different stages of the plan.
    • Simplify the user flow, allowing direct access to specific sections of the application.
  3. Local Storage and Data Retrieval
    • Implement local storage so users can save and revisit their plans.
    • Ensure that the application can save progress and allow users to resume where they left off.
  4. Error Handling and Retries
    • Develop a robust error-handling system that prompts users with the option to retry if an error occurs.
    • Integrate Tailwind UI modals for user-friendly error messages and retry prompts.
  5. Response Streaming Fix
    • Diagnose and resolve the issues with response streaming on Vercel.
    • Refactor the application to use Svelte server files for edge functions, ensuring compatibility with Vercel’s infrastructure.
  6. Code Duplication and Organization
    • Eliminate redundant code and ensure the codebase is well-organized.
    • Refactor duplicated code into reusable components or modules.
  7. PDF Output Enhancement
    • Improve the formatting of the PDF outputs to ensure content is not cut off.
    • Consider involving a designer for aesthetic improvements and customization options.
  8. Explore how we can Email Results
    • Send a copy of the plan via email
    • If not a huge job, implement this


  • A refactored codebase that adheres to standard coding practices.
  • Implementation of routing and local storage features.
  • An improved error handling mechanism with user retry capabilities.
  • A fixed response streaming function for compatibility with Vercel’s platform.
  • A clean code structure with minimal duplication.
  • Enhanced PDF formatting for better presentation of user plans.
  • Proposal on a system for delivering the finished plan via email


  • Familiarity with the current technical stack: Svelte, OpenAI’s GPT-3/GPT-4, Langchain, Vite, Tailwind CSS.
  • Experience with local storage mechanisms and progressive web app features.
  • Ability to implement user-friendly error handling and UI components.
  • Proficiency in server-side rendering and edge functions, specifically with Vercel.
  • Design sensibilities for improving PDF aesthetics, with potential designer collaboration.

By focusing on these key areas, the project aims to transform the Alitu Podcast Planner into a more reliable, user-friendly, and scalable tool ready for future expansion.

How it Works

  • Pay – Hourly
  • Schedule – Flexible working hours.
  • Location – remote, able to work and communicate in UK (GMT) hours.

How to Apply

Please pop over to the form below, and fill it out:

Any questions, just tweet us on @thepodcasthost or email us here.

More About Us and our Culture

We’re focused on being the #1 Podcasting resource on the internet, and we’re looking anyone that can commit to being all-in on that goal. Our aim it to enable anyone and everyone to get their voice and their message out into the world and make a difference!

We’re a remote-first startup, with staff based around the world. We started in Dundee, Scotland, but we’re looking for great people everywhere! We’ve grown out of the founder’s passion for podcasting and education, and are growing a team that share that passion.

We’re profit focussed, and haven’t taken any equity based funding at all. We’re happy to grow in an organic and smart way, validating what we’ve got as we go, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the drive to move fast!

We know people want what we’ve got – we have a thriving content website with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, a coaching space with hundreds of members, and a software product with 1000s of subscribers. We want to get our education and our tools out to everyone who needs them, though, and help everyone to get their voice out into the world. We’re looking for digital media nuts to join us for the ride.

Here’s what this means to us:

  1. Success and creativity is recognised and rewarded
  2. Continued success > means growth > means career progression
  3. Every opinion counts. Get involved now and shape what this company becomes
  4. Work on a team where everyone LOVES what they do!

Are you the right fit for this?

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