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How Podcast and Audio Studies are Conducted

How Podcast and Audio Studies are Conducted

The Sounds Profitable Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 96

In this episode, Arielle Nissenblatt and Bryan Barletta interview Tom Webster about his recent reporting: an article he wrote for Sounds Profitable called “How To Murder a Podcast” and a YouTube video called “Research Collection Methods.” We talk about Sounds Profitable’s approach when it comes to education for the industry and how understanding research collection methods fits into our mission. We also discuss our upcoming research projects and where you can go to learn about them.

Listen to learn about: 

  • Probability sampling
  • Convenience sampling
  • “Crap” sampling
  • Why understanding research methodology is important
  • How to understand and take action on industry studies
  • What we’re presenting at The Podcast Show in London for SP partners



  • Hosted by Bryan Barletta, Arielle Nissenblatt, Tom Webster
  • Produced by Spooler Media
  • Hosted on Art19
  • Recorded on 
  • Edited by Gavin Gaddis