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Is It Time To Rethink Promo Codes?

Is It Time To Rethink Promo Codes?

The Sounds Profitable Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 32

What’s the episode about: If you’re a long time podcast listener, you’re probably familiar with promo codes. In this episode, we discuss how impactful they really are. And, is it possible that they could have even more impact for listeners, publishers, and advertisers? Tom Webster proposes an upgrade. Arielle Nissenblatt and Bryan Barletta are here to discuss with it with him.

Listen to learn about:
  • A promo code that’s been living rent free in Arielle’s head for 5+ years
  • Why promo codes work for publishers
  • A possible upgrade to the promo code system we know and love
  • Whether or not this potential upgrade would be as impactful for advertisers as it would be for publishers and listeners
  • How this discussion ties into our recent research studies, After These Messages and We’ll Be Right Back