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One Key To Growing Podcasting We Take For Granted

One Key To Growing Podcasting We Take For Granted

Sounds Profitable: Narrated Articles

Season 3 • Episode 17

We talk a lot about the unique content advantages in podcasting, but one key to growing the medium with an older audience might be even simpler.

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Sound You Can See: Podcasting’s Video Dilemma

For the first time, more podcast listeners say that they have watched a podcast in the last 30 days than have listened to one. Yet, simply popping your pod on YouTube is likely to fail. So, what are podcasters to do? Sound You Can See dives into consumer perceptions of podcasts on video — and how they continue to drive the future of this medium. The study examines differences in perceptions between video primaries and audio primaries, from preferred topics and genres to the surprising demographic that “listens” to more than half of their podcasts on YouTube. We will also look at when podcast consumers choose one over the other.

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