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About Sounds Profitable

Sounds Profitable is a collection of media properties — a newsletter, a podcast, and much more — that covers both strategic and tactical changes to the business of podcasting.

Our primary goal with all the media we produce is to educate and empower the podcasting industry at all levels. Our aim is to provide:

  • Insightful Content about all aspects of the industry, from Bryan, Tom, and an incredibly diverse collection of the brightest minds in podcasting
  • Industry-Leading Research starting with our first study, The Creators, and the new Sounds Profitable Quarterly Research Series, designed to answer the most pressing industry questions, with free and open access for all
  • Unmissable Events, where content producers, account managers, brand managers, and executives representing both buyers and sellers can interact, learn from each other, and make deals
  • Peerless Advisory Services from Bryan and Tom, designed to keep your company in touch with the state of the art in the podcasting business and brief us about your latest developments

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