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Swinging for the Podcast / Audio Industry Fences

Swinging for the Podcast / Audio Industry Fences

The Sounds Profitable Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 91

In this episode, we discuss baseball! The new pitch clock, our favorites teams…just kidding. We talk about what it means to swing for the fences in the podcast and audio space and the companies who are taking big risks. Sounds Profitable is in a unique position to not only swing for the fences ourselves, but to help others who want to help grow this industry too.

Listen to learn about: 

  • The big swings we’ve taken and how they’ve paid off
  • Why the podcast industry needs big ideas
  • Some Sounds Profitable partners who are conducting industry-leading research
  • Why kids and family podcasts are helping to grow the pie
  • Why we think the new Julia Louis Dreyfuss Podcast from Lemonada is a great example of a successful swing for the fence



  • Hosted by Bryan Barletta, Arielle Nissenblatt, Tom Webster
  • Produced by Spooler Media
  • Hosted on Art19
  • Recorded on 
  • Edited by Gavin Gaddis