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What $7m Buys in Podcasting, Brand Investment Increase, YouTube’s Streaming Success, & More

What $7m Buys in Podcasting, Brand Investment Increase, YouTube’s Streaming Success, & More

The Download

Season 3 • Episode 256

Here’s what you need to know for this week in the business of podcasting:

The following stories feature reporting specifically by The Download:

How Much Podcasting Does a 30 Second Super Bowl Spot Buy?
Accreditation for Black-Owned Publishers in Podcasting
The Trade Desk to Lowball SSP Price Floors
Brand Marketing Grows, Performance Shrinks in WARC Data

And also from The Ankler: YouTube’s Place in Streaming

Quick Hits:

Reintroducing Podcasting by Tom Webster. The upcoming Sound Summit at SXSW, an official day for podcasting, will act as a way for podcasting to re-introduce itself to brands and agencies that might’ve only last encountered podcasting in its adtech infancy.
Spotify Reports Fourth Quarter 2023 Earnings. Paid subscribers are up, raising one million over guidance numbers. The company expects their podcasting arm to turn a profit by the end of the year.
Podcast benchmarking: How did your downloads compare in 2023? By Sharon Taylor. The benchmarks present what count as ‘good’ download numbers for ap podcast, divided into percentiles.
The Art of Podcasting with Joe Rogan and His New Multiyear Spotify Partnership. The Joe Rogan Experience has renewed its contract with Spotify for hosting and distribution, but the former exclusive has now returned to open RSS distribution.

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