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Industry heavyweight Travis Albritton Joins Amaze Media Labs as Head of Marketing

Industry heavyweight Travis Albritton Joins Amaze Media Labs as Head of Marketing

Amaze Media Labs

January 31, 2024

Travis Albritton, a long time podcast industry veteran, spending four years as the Head of Content at Buzzsprout before launching his own production agency, Honest Podcasts has been brought on board at Amaze Media Labs to lead marketing efforts specifically around their audience lift services and branded content.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enhance Amaze Media Lab’s product roadmap and marketing strategy as podcast networks and brands continue to focus on audience growth and retention.

“With the launch of our new podcast promotion platform,, we quickly realized the single biggest challenge in this rapidly growing space is helping content creators reach the right target audience to listen to the content they’re creating at a price point that fits within the monetization framework of the podcast industry”, said Amaze Media Labs Founder Robert Tuchman.

“Our team was fortunate enough to connect with Travis who used our products and was impressed with what we were doing in the audience space. We love his unique experience and skills that he brings to the podcast industry. His knowledge of podcast marketing and product development will help us create better experiences for our clients and expand our footprint in the paid audience growth segment of our industry. The fact that he’s a real-life rocket scientist certainly didn’t hurt either.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Amaze Media Lanbs team and for the opportunity to develop and launch innovative content promotion solutions for podcast creators, networks, and brands. 2024 is shaping up to be a banner year for content marketing, and I’m excited to be a part of it with the leader in the space,” said Travis Albritton, Head of Marketing at Amaze Media Labs.

About Amaze Media Labs

Founded in 2020 by Robert Tuchman, Brett Sklar, and Stephen Master, Amaze Media Labs was built to help brands succeed on the next frontier of community engagement with podcasts. The Amaze Media Labs platform consists of branded podcasts and audience development solutions, like Trailergram. For more information, visit and