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After These Messages

After These Messages

Creative Execution of Podcast Advertising

By Tom Webster

June 28, 2022

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Host-read vs. announcer-read. Baked-in vs. Faked in. Direct sell vs. programmatic. The podcasting space has had endless debates about the relative merits of the various types of ads, but what do listeners think? Are host-read ads “better” when it comes to listener appeal AND effectiveness for the brand? Or is an ad…an ad? Sounds Profitable gets to the bottom of this debate in its latest research study, After These Messages.

This significant new work examines the relative effectiveness of three different executions of the same ad, in the same show, embedded in the same content, with a sample of over 1,000 weekly podcast listeners who listened to the various ad treatments in the context of a show. This study will report on not only the appeal of these different executions, but also the differential impact of each on common brand measures such as recall, willingness to consider, intent to research, and other metrics related to the brand and category.

After These Messages tests the assumptions and received wisdom in the podcasting space to get down to what truly matters–given competent execution of all three types of advertising, which works best for the listener, and which works best for the brand? And are those two the same?

This study was designed by podcast and research industry veteran Tom Webster, in partnership with Edison Research, and will be seen as an important new resource for publishers and brands.

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