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We’ll Be Right Back

We’ll Be Right Back

Creative Execution of Podcast Advertising, Part Two

By Tom Webster

October 5, 2022

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Last month, Sounds Profitable released After These Messages, a significant new study examining the relative effectiveness of three different executions of the same ad, with a sample of over 1,000 weekly podcast listeners who listened to the various ad treatments in the context of a show. This study not only measured the appeal of these different executions, but also the differential impact of each on common brand measures such as recall, willingness to consider, intent to research, and other metrics related to the brand and category.

That study contained significant new findings for the podcast industry, but we didn’t have room to include everything we learned! Sounds Profitable is therefore pleased to present the “sibling” to After These Messages, We’ll Be Right Back. This addendum to the main study features new information on demographics, messaging, branding, and even the use of promo codes.

Both studies were designed by podcast and research industry veteran Tom Webster, in partnership with Edison Research, and will be seen as important new resources for publishers and brands.

Download the complete presentation here

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