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Descript Acquires Squadcast, Australian Podcast Ad Revenue Up 64%, & More

Descript Acquires Squadcast, Australian Podcast Ad Revenue Up 64%, & More

August 15, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Descript Acquires SquadCast

Paying subscribers to Descript will soon receive access to a Squadcast integration. Now the platform offers, as their press release says, a ‘complete stack’ of remote podcast production capabilities with recording, editing, and publication tools. Squadcast customers have the ability to switch their subscription to Descript at no additional cost.

Top 15 podcast advertisers in Australia

ARN’s iHeartMedia and Magellan AI have new data on the top podcast advertisers in the country, and the numbers show Australian podcasting is continuing its upward climb. Q2 podcast ad spend in Australia grew 64% year-over-year. The top three advertisers are health care fund nib Group, McDonald’s, and Amazon.

Google Repays Advertisers After Report of Low-Quality Ads by Garett Sloane

Anonymous ad executives have told AdAge that several clients have received refunds from Google since the controversial Adalytics study claiming ads intended for YouTube were served on Google Video Partner sites. Google says these are ‘goodwill credits’ of less than $1,000 and they are working with third party services to refute the findings of Adalytics. As mentioned by the Media Ratings Council two weeks ago, no third party is currently accredited for Google brand safety in any form. As this story evolves, it remains a cautionary tale for the importance of transparency in ad tech and third party verification.

Dentsu Reports Sequentially Lower Q2 Growth, Cites Tech And Financial Slowdowns by Joe Mandese

Despite underwhelming numbers for overall revenue in Q2, Denstu’s report shows improving revenue for most major media. Out of home continues its strong year with strong year-over-year growth in both quarters. Radio revenue moved from -6% year-over-year growth to positive growth of 3.8% in Q2. Dentsu predicts organic growth in the second half of the year, with a 0 to -2% range for the 2023 fiscal year.


…as for the rest of the news:And for the rest of the news… YouTube is revamping how linking off-site will work, and Brian Morrissey discusses the next wave of B2B media (which sounds like a perfect fit for podcasting).