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Apple’s Attribution Revamp, Side Hustlers ❤️ Podcasts, & More

Apple’s Attribution Revamp, Side Hustlers ❤️ Podcasts, & More

June 12, 2024

The Hidden Podcast Audience: The Side-Hustler by Paul Riismandel

In recent years Signal Hill Insights has found more business-to-business and general advertisers aiming to connect with small business owners. Given the prevalence of ‘side hustle’ businesses growing to the point they effectively are one-person small businesses, SHI shares data on just how into podcasts SBOs might be. The Spring 2024 Podcast Download from SHI/Cumulus Media 43% of weekly podcast consumers have a side hustle to supplement their day job’s income. When filtered for podcast consumers aged 18-34, that number jumps to 60%. [Source]

The IAB Tech Lab CEO on how ‘nothing will be the same’ in digital advertising by Ronan Shields

In the lead-up to IAB Tech Lab’s 10th anniversary, Digiday interviewed CEO Anthony Katsur about the upcoming conference titled “Nothing will be the same.” 2024 marks the 30th anniversary since the first banner ad. Advertising has changed drastically, even in just the past ten years. Challenges currently facing the Tech Lab and wider industry include encouraging further adoptions of VAST 4, seller-defined audiences, and more collaboration from the big tech names that can influence the wider industry. [Source]

Apple Is Quietly Replacing SKAdNetwork And PCM With A New Ad Attribution Framework by Allison Schiff

During Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple also released dev documentation for “AdAttributionKit,” new framework for Apple’s privacy-focused ad attribution tech. Currently, Apple’s ad attribution consists of SKAdNetwork – focusing on privacy preservation ad attribution, and Private Click Measurement, which does the same but for the web. Both product names appear to be phased out for App and Web arms of the wider AdAttributionKit. Schiff proposes this rebranding and consolidation could signal Apple is getting more serious about ad measurement. [Source]

Netflix, Disney+ notched big ad spend gains in Q1 by Jasmine Sheena

Big streamers saw big gains in Q1 ad revenue. Disney+ reports a 210% year-over-year increase in U.S. gross media ad spend. Netflix reports 135%, TikTok grew 100%. Amazon Ads and Fire TV pulled in 84% online video ad spend growth while advertisers spent 14% more on Amazon OTT ads. According to Guideline numbers, podcasting’s biggest platform for discovery, YouTube, reports 38% y-o-y growth for YouTube Select and YouTube TV’s online video ads. YouTube also saw 10% growth in OTT spend. [Source]

Kosar sues podcasting company over ceremonial bet that led to his firing from Browns radio gig by Corey Shaffer

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar is suing BIGPLAY Media CEO Kendall Myles, accusing Myles of violating the terms of Kosar’s contract and threatening him. According to the suit, Kosar signed a contract obligating him to host a monthly podcast for BIGPLAY and make two public appearances each quarter during NFL offseason. Allegedly, a BIGPLAY co-manager forced Kosar to place a bet on a Browns game using a sponsor’s app the day sports betting became legal in Ohio. The bet led to the Browns firing Kosar, as employees of NFL teams are banned from betting on games. BIGPLAY’ has denied the allegations. [Source]

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