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Brand Lift for Influencer ROI, International Podcast Day, Adlarge Partners w/ Barometer

Brand Lift for Influencer ROI, International Podcast Day, Adlarge Partners w/ Barometer

September 28, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Influencer agency adopts brand lift metrics across campaigns to address measurement challenges by Antoinette Siu

The influencer marketing agency aptly-named Influencer is partnering with measurement company ThisThat to use brand lift metrics to demonstrate return on investment for Infleuncer’s campaigns. According to Linqia’s State of Influencer Marketing 2021 study, measurement is a top concern for two thirds of marketers. With better measurement and more confident proof of ROI, advertisers can target specific niches where smaller influencers thrive and can market to tight-knit communities. Something podcasting is particularly good at. [Source]

Everything In Store for Podcast Listeners and Creators This International Podcast Day

Charge your earbuds and prep the dirty dishes, this Saturday is International Podcast Day. Spotify intends to celebrate by announcing a new feature for both free and Premium users globally. Starting soon, transcripts will be easier to access by scrolling down from the Now Playing view inside Spotify’s App and selecting the transcript card. Transcribed podcast episodes will auto-scroll the transcript in time with the episode. The company also re-affirmed previously announced features from this year, including updates to Podcast Show pages and chapters. [Source]

AdLarge Partners With Barometer to Uphold Brand Safety & Suitability

Yesterday Adlarge announced the partnership with brand safety and suitability company Barometer. Barometer’s AI-powered platform analyzes the content of podcasts and generates reports detailing any potential conflicts with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media framework, as well as contextually identifying topics that intersect with IAB’s content taxonomy. With Barometer’s tech and the new partnership, AdLarge will be able to monitor their entire podcast portfolio for potentially sensitive or harmful content automatically. [Source]

Data Snapshot

What It Says: Habitual listeners place greater importance than casual listeners on listening to podcasts while doing chores, driving, traveling, walking or exercising — and on keeping them company

What It Means: Habitual listeners know how to use podcasts to make their lives better.

What Makes it Cool: If the podcast industry can find a way to spread that gospel (good news?), podcasting can pick up a lot of heavy listeners.