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March’s Top Podcast Advertisers, Growing YouTube Shorts, & More

March’s Top Podcast Advertisers, Growing YouTube Shorts, & More

April 29, 2024

Magellan AI: Top Podcast Advertisers, Movers and Shakers March 2024

According to Magellan AI data, podcast ad spend held steady throughout March, just $111,000 shy of February’s total among the top fifteen spenders. Once again sports remains the most popular top genre for spend, taking the lead with nine of the 15 advertisers. March’s movers and shakers include a 424% increase in spend from Meta, up to just over $2 million. The biggest percentage increase is Canva with a 14,806% increase, going from $2,800 in February to $413,300 in March.

YouTube Shorts Advertising Perks Up by Kaya Yurieff

YouTube executives, in a call with Alphabet investors, shared data showing YouTube Shorts is showing signs of improvement on the advertising front. The monetization rate of Shorts in the U.S., compared to in-stream viewing (e.g. preroll and midroll ads on standard YouTube content) more than doubled in the past 12 months. Given the rise in podcast advertising via clipped content in shortform video, a bright future for Shorts on podcasting’s biggest discovery platform is good news for podcasting.


The IAB Predicts Social Video Will Overtake CTV This Year By Alyssa Boyle

On Thursday the IAB released the first segment of its annual report on trends in digital video advertising strategy. Part of that report projects digital video ad spend, including social video, CTV (connected television), and online video will reach $63 billion by the end of the year, a 16% year over year increase. And social video is projected to grow 20% y-o-y. Something for podcasting to take note of, as social video is more accessible to podcasting than CTV at this time. [Source]

Recap: The Creator Entrepreneur 2.0

A summary of a panel at The Information’s Creator Summit featuring Visa’s global head of content Ashley Cole, director of product management and creator monetization at YouTube Thomas Kim, and Challenge Accepted creator Michelle Khare. Cole says social media’s evolution has led to the company working with creators to have them make content instead of the company building content from scratch. Passionate, consistent content creation is attractive to brands. Something podcasting has in healthy supply. [Source]

The Tricky Logistics Behind Direct-to-Consumer Sales Strategies by Liz Young

Brands that got their start in the department store are now venturing into the world of direct-to-consumer sales, with brands like Levi Strauss and Skechers having to learn new strategies and reimagine existing supply chains. Podcasting cut its teeth on DTC marketing. With major brands who don’t normally interface with podcasts getting into the DTC space, there’s potential for the industry to catch the attention of companies that previously considered podcasting purely a brand advertising avenue. [Source]