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Podcasting’s Video Dilemma, Realm Signs Adelicious, Marketers Predict Podcast Adspend, & More

Podcasting’s Video Dilemma, Realm Signs Adelicious, Marketers Predict Podcast Adspend, & More

December 14, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Sound You Can See: Podcasting’s Video Dilemma

The latest research from Sounds Profitable is built from an online study of 1,155 podcast listeners aged 18+ who had consumed at least one video podcast in the last 30 days. The study finds there aren’t video consumers or audio consumers, the same audiences can choose between audio and video podcasting depending on the content and context. Video consumers still spend just over half their podcast consumption time with audio podcasts. While YouTube is the de facto platform for video podcasting, respondents show YouTube podcast consumers strongly dislike ads inserted by YouTube and ¾ of them don’t subscribe to YouTube Premium. [Source]

 49% of global marketers predict increase in podcast ad spending by Adam Shepherd

A new study from Acast, fielded by research platform Attest, spoke to 500 advertising and marketing professionals from the UK. US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, covering both those who have previously advertised on podcasts and those who have not. 49% of respondents said they expect advertising spend on podcast to increase over the next five years. When filtered for just Canada and Australia, the percentage jumps to 55%. Respondents who have previously purchased podcast advertising were almost twice as likely to predict an increase in podcast ad spend. [Source]

 Audio Is One Of Agency Giant WPP’s Top 10 Trends For 2024.

Ad agency WPP has published their “WPP on 2024,” a set of predictions for the coming year built from ten short videos of experts from various fields detailing a facet of advertising that will change in 2024. One of the ten experts is Michele Arnese, CEO of sonic branding agency amp, explaining why sound will not be an afterthought by the end of 2024. Arnese points to the growing demand for audio content, with Spotify showing Gen Z chalked up a 76% year-over-year increase in listen-time for music and podcasts. [Source]

Realm inks deal with Adelicious

Podcast production company Realm has announced a partnership with UK podcast hosting and monetization network Adelicious. As a result of the deal, Realm will handle ad sales for a slate of Adelicious shows in the US market, including Real Dictators and A Short History of... The combined reach of the Adelicious podcasts included in the deal breaks 2 million downloads a month in the US alone. [Source]