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Predictive Contextual Audience Targeting, Representation Impacts Ads, Global Signs iHeart

Predictive Contextual Audience Targeting, Representation Impacts Ads, Global Signs iHeart

November 15, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Acast Inks Global Partnership with Proximic by Comscore for Cookie-Free Podcast Targeting Across More than 100,000 Podcasts

The new partnership allows advertisers working with Acast to access Proximic’s Predicitve Audience tool, which uses privacy-friendly contextual signals to target based on consumer behavior. Global Head of Ad Innovation Elli Dimitroulakos tells The Download the Predictive Audiences process takes audience behaviors observed by either Comcast’s first-party data or from one of Acast’s third-party partners and creates a seed set. The seed set then is connected to Comscore’s panels via a cookie-free match process that translates audience segments into contextual segments. Finally, machine learning uses over 350,000 granular content consumption patterns to map user behavior. [Source]

 Lack of representation in ads causes disengagement in majority of UK audience

A new Q3 report from Insights Accelerated, built from surveys and search trends, finds 57% of UK residents say they disengage from media and ads if they felt the were unrepresentative. When filtered for specific communities the numbers grow higher, such as 76% disengagement from neurodivergent people and 79% from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals surveyed. The main reason given was either lack of representation or negative portrayal, while the second most common reason given was inauthentic representation. Time and time again, research shows advertising is most effective when it meets audiences where they’re at and provides an authentic representation of that audience. [Source]

Why Advertisers Should Care About Hitting The Right Note With Hispanic Audiences

According to Insider Intelligence predictions, Hispanic and Latinx audience purchasing power is expected to hit $2.6 by 2025, with the demographic making up 20% of the U.S. population. Unfortunately, data validation company Truthset estimates four in ten U.S. Hispanics are not accounted for in third-party data sets. TelevisaUnivision’s head of product management, when speaking at Advertising Week last month, referenced a national campaign run for a brand client that served roughly 70% of its impressions to non-Hispanic households. One of the bigger examples of why such misplacement happens is the strategy of data brokers categorizing audiences based on surname, despite Spanish last names being present in many other demographics. Implementing first-party data and delegating third-party to a supplementary role could help create more accurate delivery for those (hopefully authentic) Hispanic-targeting campaigns. [Source]

Global signs exclusive podcast distribution and licensing deal with iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia’s portfolio of over 800 podcasts will be added to Global Media’s Global Player and the DAX digital advertising network in the UK and Ireland, while Global’s podcast slate will hop the Atlantic and be available in the iHeartRadio App in the U.S. with iHeartMedia monetization. Until this point, Megaphone’s SPAN (Spotify Audience Network) has been a major global buyer of iHeart inventory. With this new partnership, we could see Global grow into a more… global solution to compete with SPAN or AdsWizz Podwave. [Source]