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Sports Podcasts a Touchdown for Brands, New Spotify Plans, & More

Sports Podcasts a Touchdown for Brands, New Spotify Plans, & More

June 24, 2024

Medals, Mics, & Marketing: How sports podcasts bring brands closer to the conversation

A new study from Global and Digital Ad Exchange is built from a nationally-representative panel of 732 UK respondents who listen to sports podcasts on at least a monthly basis. Key findings include 70% of respondents saying they feel advertising in sports podcasts reflects positively on brands. 61% are more likely to trust brands advertising in sports podcasts compared to other mediums. 65% are more likely to concentrate on ads when listening to sports podcasts than compared to mediums like TV and online.

YouTube will ask iOS users to ‘Allow’ tracking for more personalized ads by Abner Li

Back in 2021, Google apps stopped using certain tracking methods to comply with iOS 14.5 restrictions to prevent a pop-up prompt asking users’ permission to collect tracking data. Now YouTube for iOS is about to implement an update asking for one-time permission to allow the app to track activity across other companies’ apps and websites. The permission request aims to deliver a more targeted ad experience and the description of denying permission makes it clear users will receive less relevant and even repeated ads.

Is anybody watching the same TV shows anymore? by Constance Grady

Recently, television has shifted in the zeitgeist. In previous years multiple shows that simultaneously were popular with critics and created “watercooler moments” on social media debuted close to each other, if not ran concurrently. Ted Lasso, Succession, Game of Thrones to name a few. While TV that generates social media buzz still exists, and critically-acclaimed TV still exists, the closest thing to recapturing that all-demographics success is possibly The Bear. Podcasting similarly has issues with finding that ‘song of the summer’ success that dominates conversation.

‘Office Ladies,’ a Massive Podcast, Plans Move to a New Network by Ashely Carman

The popular Office rewatch podcast hosted by actors Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey has run since 2019. According to anonymous sources, the podcast will be leaving SiriusXM Media to sign a new deal with Audacy. No formal statements have been made, though Carman points to a March episode of the show in which the hosts express issues with Earwolf layoffs post-Stitcher-acquisition and the treatment of staff during said layoffs.

Spotify Announces New U.S. Plans

Premium Individual ($11.99/mo) contains all the music-related benefits traditionally attributed to old-school Spotify Premium, along with 15 hours of audiobook listening. Basic provides the same but for less ($10.99) per month and no audiobook access. Duo ($16.99/mo) and Family ($19.99/mo) accounts provide audiobook access for the user who is designated the manager of the plan. A new Audiobooks Access ($9.99/mo) plan gives subscribers 15 hours of audiobook listening per month, leaving music and podcasts free and ad-supported.

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