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What $7m Buys in Podcasting, YouTube Outpaces Netflix, Spotify Q4 Earnings, & More

What $7m Buys in Podcasting, YouTube Outpaces Netflix, Spotify Q4 Earnings, & More

February 6, 2024

Netflix’s Threat Isn’t in Hollywood. It’s YouTube by Entertainment Strategy Guy

Despite previous narratives proposing Netflix was most challenged by old-guard Hollywood studios, a certain free video platform is proving to be the real challenger. According to Nielsen’s “The Gauge,” a monthly usage tracker of major streamers, YouTube has had at least a 1% market share lead on Netflix every month last year. It’s a free platform with over 100 million paid subscribers, taking a bite out of connected TV by acquiring live TV and sports programming while also making space for podcasting. According to YouTube, the number of creators who get the majority of their watch time from CTV screens has increased 400% since 2020. Which puts podcasting in an advantageous position, given our biggest platform for discovery also happens to be one of the biggest video platforms overall. [Source]

Here’s what a $7M, 30-second Super Bowl ad can purchase in digital media in 2024 by Kimeko McCoy

For anyone with seven million burning a hole in their pocket that missed out on buying ad time during the Big Game, a landmark in advertising so popular brands are now releasing ads teasing the existence of their Super Bowl ad. With that kind of cash you can get 10 million clicks in Candy Crush, 2.8 million clicks on in-feed TikTok ads, or 43.4 million clicks on Walmart Connect. For a podcasting perspective, we asked AdvertiseCast CRO Dave Hanley how far that might go in podcasting. “A $7 million investment in podcast ads at the current average CPM published by Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace will deliver an advertiser over 300 million host-read, 60-second ad impressions on podcasts.” Hanley goes on to mention Sounds Profitable’s The Medium Moves the Message, which found 68% of consumers are more willing to consider a product they heard about in a podcast ad. [Source]

What People Are Doing When They Aren’t Listening To Your Podcast by Steven Goldstein

A fair amount of time has been spent figuring out what people do when they’re listening to a podcast. Steven Goldstein takes a look at the activities that fill out the rest of people’s daily media diet. 7.7% of all time spent on TV in December was spent with Netflix. Both YouTube Shorts and TikTok dominate the short-form video market with 70 billion Shorts viewed last year and 150 million active TikTok users as of this January. According to Amplifi’s research, podcasting comes fourth for time spent in one day with media, behind TV, streaming video services, and radio. That said, podcasting beats out TikTok, YouTube, and the top three social media networks. [Source]

Spotify Reports Fourth Quarter 2023 Earnings

The big green streamer released their Q4 report this morning and things are looking up. According to their official release, monthly active users increased 23% year over year, a million ahead of guidance figures with 602 million users. An official press email notes the company is on track to make their podcasting arm profitable in this year due to investments and growth in the industry. One notable bit of growth is podcast consumption overall on Spotify, which the email says has increased 232% since Spotify signed their initial exclusivity deal with Joe Rogan in 2020. [Sou–58591276rce]