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TAL Ad Sales Switch, Creators @ Cannes Lions, & More

TAL Ad Sales Switch, Creators @ Cannes Lions, & More

July 10, 2024

This American Life is going back to NPM for ads by Ashley Carman

This American Life is moving its ad sales from its previous home at the New York Times to National Public Media, one of the many high-profile ad deals in podcasting that has recently come up for renewal. The decision was made citing changes in the podcast market post-2020 boom, and the group behind the show spoke with eight different media companies before landing with NPM. This news comes alongside the Times’ plans to move some of its own podcasts behind a paywall, however users of the NYT Audio app will still be able to access This American Life’s backlog and latest episodes.

Cannes Lions bet on creators this year. Did it pay off? by Katie Hicks

Cannes Lions was host to a record number of influencers and content creators this year as part of the festival’s new Lions Creators program. The attendee track is a joint effort by Cannes and Viral Nation with a focus on creator programming, networking, and events. According to post-event surveying, many creators reportedly appreciated the chance to connect and network with other influencers, but hope to see more chances to learn from industry insiders, as well as forge a more empathetic relationship with the brands they work with, in the future. Podcasting is a hub for direct-to-consumer influencer marketing, with many celebrities and content creators hosting podcasts in order to expand their reach and solidify their personal brand.

Digiday+ Research: Marketers ramp up their TV ad spend, with Amazon holding growth potential by Julia Tabisz

A Q2 2024 survey from Digiday+ Research of brand, retailer and agency professionals found that advertising spend on TV is increasing as companies prepare for events like the 2024 Olympic Games. 58% of advertisers are investing in TV as well as streaming, with another 66% said they have plans to purchase video ads on Amazon’s streaming platform. Marketers are particularly focused on impressions and strong branding, something that podcasting’s ability to foster personal and powerful listener relationships excels at.

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