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Upcoming Podcast Upfront, Audio Creating Demand, & More

Upcoming Podcast Upfront, Audio Creating Demand, & More

May 7, 2024

IAB Podcast Upfront to Kick Off Thursday

This year’s Podcast Upfront, an annual event focused on bringing together brands, agencies, and media buyers, is almost here. Modeled after the TV tradition of annual upfronts teasing upcoming presentations for ad buyers, podcasting’s Upfront experience is likely to also grow into discussions of ad tech and multi-channel campaigns as video podcasting and YouTube distribution grows in popularity. IAB director of digital audio and video Matt Shapo tells The Download: “Whether you’re a longstanding podcast enthusiast or a podcasting newcomer, there is no shortage of reasons to be excited about the future of this deeply personal and special form of media.“ The event kicks off with a (currently sold-out) in-person event and virtual attendance on Thursday, May 9th.

The on-hold opportunity: Veritonic measures consumer preferences by Brad Hill

A new study from Veritonic titled Harmonizing Connections: How Audio Turns Waiting Time into Brand-Building Opportunities is now available. The study interviewed hundreds of podcast listeners about their experience waiting on hold with brands’ phone systems. Takeaways include 90% of respondents preferring music to an ad, 92% preferring music to silence, and if given a choice between silence and a talkative ad 57% of respondents would prefer the ad. 70% of respondents say if the music is too loud it negatively impacts how they feel about the brand/service they are calling about. [Source]

Want To Build A Brand? Audio Is At The Ready by Pierre Bouvard

Since 2017 Nielsen has conducted over 1,300 podcast brand lift studies and recently has published a collection of key insights/norms using their database. Podcasts drive consistent growth in awareness, likelihood to seek information, purchase intent, and recommendation. And podcasting overall continues on an upward trend, including being a bright spot on Cumulus Media’s Q1 earnings call. [Source]

How Campbell’s navigates the burgeoning retal media landscape, even as it creates more walled gardens by Kimeko McCoy

Retail media networks are growing fast, and one significant growing pain is brands encountering the increasing number of walled gardens in advertising. Campbell’s Soup Co. VP of integrated marketing says the fractured state of closed networks makes walled gardens the company’s biggest challenge. Something podcasting can relate to, as walled content gardens put more work on the buyers to actually advertise on popular content. In the world of retail media, the IAB and Media Ratings Council are working on measurement standards to try and alleviate the walled garden issue. Similar standards could benefit podcasting. [Source]

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