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YouTube Trends Report, Where Gen Z Gets News, & More

YouTube Trends Report, Where Gen Z Gets News, & More

July 2, 2024

YouTube Sees Brand Fans Move From Consumers Of Culture To Shaping It by Laurie Sullivan

Last week at VidCon, YouTube debuted the 2024 edition of their Culture & Trends Report. Brand Fans are a key character in the survey, with 80% of fans using YouTube to consume content at least weekly about the person or thing they are a fan of. And those fans are evolving from passive content consumers into content drivers themselves, such as the Hazbin Hotel fandom. Fans streamed the series’ YouTube pilot enough that the show is now a successful Amazon series, along with its spinoff Helluva Boss. As last year’s Podcast Landscape study found, 41% of podcast audiences would love to listen to a show specifically about a favorite brand or product. Brand fans have powerful potential, and podcasting could benefit from serving them.

Google, TikTok Ban Ads From ADHD Telehealth Company Amid Federal Probe by Rolfe Winkler

The two tech giants have banned Done Global from running ads on their platform, prompted by a federal crackdown on the telehealth company’s distribution of medication. The core issue for advertising: Done lost its third-party certification required to advertise on platforms like Google and TikTok. According to Podscribe data, Done had a presence in podcast advertising, with the bulk of their spend cutting off suddenly in Q1 of the year their certification expired, with only two sub-$5k campaigns popping up since then on Podscribe’s radar.

Instagram and TikTok users aren’t going for news, Pew finds by Ryan Barwick

New data from Pew Research finds less than half of users on TikTok and Instagram regularly visit these platforms for news content. 68% of news consumers on TikTok say they get that news from influencers or celebrities rather than traditional news outlets. A stat that bodes well for podcasting, especially news-focused video podcasters who disseminate bite-sized clips of the show onto platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

‘A joint effort’: How Wells Fargo sets expectations for how it works with influencers by Kimeko McCoy

The Digiday Podcast interviews Nicole Dye Anderson, SVP/Head of Media Relations and Influencer Strategy at Wells Fargo. For Anderson, the concept of ‘influencer’ is a broad umbrella that stems from traditional celebrities to media personalities. As traditional news media shrinks in new media landscapes, audiences are going to influencers for the latest news (reinforcing the Pew data above), and Wells Fargo wants to engage with that intersection of audience and influencer.

Steve Bannon’s War Room Podcast to Continue While He’s Incarcerated (Multiple Sources)

Breitbart News co-founder Steve Bannon surrendered to a Connecticut federal prison on Monday to start a four month sentence. Before incarceration, Bannon announced his politics chat podcast War Room would continue uninterrupted with a slate of guest hosts, ranging from sitting politicians like Marjorie Taylor Green to right-wing firebrands like Peter Navarro (once he finishes his own prison stint for a similar contempt charge on July 17th). The story has been covered by Newsroom, Vanity Fair, The New Republic, and Mother Jones.

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