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Acast Partners with Podscribe, Performance of Former Spotify Exclusives, & More

Acast Partners with Podscribe, Performance of Former Spotify Exclusives, & More

August 17, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Acast Announces Podscribe as Global Preferred Attribution Partner. 

The partnership adds Podscribe attribution services for Acast customers at no additional cost. Acast announces the partnership as a step towards fostering an open and transparent future for podcasting. Starting in September, Acast will no longer accept new campaigns in Spotify’s Ad Analytics (formerly Podsights). With this announcement, Acast becomes the first major company to publicly make a statement on the matter and side with third-party attribution. Read more on the subject: In Defense of Third-Party Podcast Solutions.

 What former Spotify exclusives ‘Armchair Expert’ and ‘Anything Goes’ can reveal about audiences by Amrita Khalid

Hit podcasts like Armchair Expert are currently charting on Apple Podcasts as they return to open podcasting, but the same can’t be said for everything Spotify is making public. According to Hot Pod’s reporting, podcasts in crowded niches and podcasts that used to be entirely Spotify exclusive are having a harder time finding traction. Despite ranking in the top 24 on Spotify, Parcast’s true crime podcast Serial Killers hasn’t cracked the overall top 200 on Apple, currently sitting at #85 in Apple’s True Crime rankings. Spotify now has the new challenge of promoting both shows that have only existed on Spotify, and purchased exclusives who lost momentum when they moved into the walled garden.

Earlier in the summer The Download covered the FTC’s new ‘Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers’ post that provides a series of guidelines to help social media influencers make clear and conspicuous disclosures for product endorsements. Now MarketingBrew interviews FTC senior staff attorney Michael Atleson to cover frequently-asked questions on the guidelines. Given the majority of podcast advertising is influencer marketing, both this coverage and Disclosures 101 are useful reading to help keep podcasters FTC compliant.

…as for the rest of the news: Edison Research’s Q2 edition of the podcast network ranker is here, and Australian broadcaster SCA’s revenue fell 3.7% but audio assets continue strong performance.