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Spotify Leaves IAB, GroupM Reclassifies YouTube, & More.

Spotify Leaves IAB, GroupM Reclassifies YouTube, & More.

April 22, 2024

Spotify is no longer a member of the IAB

According to Podnews reporting, Spotify has quietly ended their IAB membership and has not recertified, meaning Megaphone, Chartable, and Spotify for Podcasters have been removed from the published list of compliant companies for podcast measurement. All at a time when agencies, advertisers, and holding companies commonly demand IAB certification. In addition to the Spotify announcement, hosting service Podbean has also been removed from the Tech Lab list. [Source]

What Is YouTube, Really?

Starting in June, GroupM will begin classifying a larger proportion of YouTube ad revenue as CTV (connected television) rather than digital. GroupM says this change is to reflect how clients increasingly view YouTube as a wider part of their TV and CTV strategies. A strategy that makes sense, considering data like Emarketer’s US Digital Video Viewers, by Format/Platform 2024 graph that places YouTube above digital pay TV, ad-supported video on demand, free ad-supported streaming TV, and subscription video services, second only to over-the-top video services. [Source]

Global to launch ID solution across all devices and environments by Ella Sagar

The new cookie-free measurement solution, touted to work in all environments on all devices, is named Dax ID. The new tech allows for measurement of every device at a de-duplicated campaign level and in every environment. A slide shown at The Future of Audio and Entertainment breaks down the process as combining a listener’s IP address and user agent to create a DAX proxy for the listener. Dax ID is slated to officially launch on April 30th. [Source]

How video can widen podcasting’s footprint by Tom Webster

While some audio-first podcasters express concern over converting their production to appeal to a YouTube audience if they want to make video, research like Sounds Profitable’s Sound You Can See shows the jump to visual podcasting is more about making the same content available in video form. 86% of video podcast consumers are also regular audio podcast consumers, and a majority say they consume the same podcasts in both audio and video form. [Source]

Is Podcast Advertising Effective? By Kurt Kaufer

The new Ad Results Media blog posts breaks down top-level concepts for tech and strategy one needs to know to understand podcast advertising’s power. According to The Infinite Dial 2023, weekly audio listening hit 200 million Americans tuning in on a weekly basis. And when it comes to channels consumers enjoy, The Medium Moves the Message found 68% of consumers are more willing to consider a product or service after hearing about it on a podcast, compared to 62% for YouTube, 61% for social media, and 54% for live or recorded TV. [Source]

…as for the rest of the news:

Research Database Snapshot

Source: IAB / PwC Internet Ad Revenue Report

What it says: Advertising format by share (of total spend), 2019 to 2023

What it means: Audio as a category has grown share over the last five years, while search and display have shrunk

Why it’s cool: Have you used AI? Search as a category is going to continue to shrink, and audio is poised to grow even further.