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Streamlining Host-Read Ads, BBC Proposes UK Podcast Ads, & More

Streamlining Host-Read Ads, BBC Proposes UK Podcast Ads, & More

March 20, 2024

Announcing OpenRAP

RedCircle has debuted a new platform-agnostic product for delivering fully-automated host-read podcast ads. As of today, OpenRAP (RedCircle Ad Platform) is available to podcasters hosted on other platforms, allowing anyone to use VAST connections to let RAP handle ad insertion, measurement, and reporting. If fully enabled, OpenRAP aims to handle every aspect of securing a podcast ad deal so the only engagement needed by the podcaster is uploading their read of the ad copy and signing off on when/where the campaign runs. [Source]

A ‘server anomaly’ that made it look like some advertisers were bidding billions of dollars sent the adtech industry into chaos

Last week a 40 second server anomaly at PubMatic’s supply side platform caused a spike in CPMs that led to tens of millions of dollars in erroneous bidding. While the issue was resolved while the bids were still just bids and no actual money was transacted, it still had ripple effects across display advertising, with some publishers seeing numbers like $15 million in revenue self-correcting back down to $600. While not much, if any financial impact will permanently take place because of the blip, it’s worth noting for podcasting’s ad tech side. As Bryan Barletta covered in this week’s Sounds Profitable newsletter, podcasting is held to an oddly higher standard than other sectors of advertising. Were such a blip to happen here, it could impart a stigma on podcast advertising for those on the fence or who have yet to give it a shot. Better to ruggedize our tech now and be the relatively squeaky clean bastion of advertising. [Source]

BBC radio to feature adverts in UK for the first time

The BBC has announced an upcoming proposal to introduce advertising on podcasts and on-demand radio content when they are accessed via a third party service in the UK, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. This would mark the first time BBC audio would run third-party ads on home turf. The proposal will need approval from broadcasting regulator Ofcom. Some concern has been expressed for the future of the relatively small UK podcast advertising market if it were to have all of the BBC’s output as inventory as well. Insiders at the BBC propose that the presence of BBC content will help grow the overall UK podcast industry, as more brands will be enticed to try out podcast advertising with the assured confidence of running on a BBC-produced product. In the proposal, all BBC podcasts and on-demand radio would still be available ad-free in the UK if accessed through the official BBC Sounds app. [Source]

Spotify Is Launching New Ad Studio Product

Spotify has announced a new product to help podcasters reach new listeners that fit the makeup of their existing audience. The new addition to Spotify’s Ad Studio suite is dubbed Podcast Streams. The new product is powered by a model using behavioral signals in addition to standard targeting with the goal of delivering podcast promos to engaged audiences. [Source]

TikTok’s podcast boom might be a bust

Between the platform’s uncertain future and a lack of easy ways to track impact, some podcasters are not so sure the short form video platform is as quick a ticket to success as originally advertised. NPR’s Planet Money has built a successful platform on the app, mainly via skits explaining finance concepts instead of direct clips from the podcast. That said, it’s hard to trace a line between their presence and direct downloads. Conversely, hosts like Cristina Lumague say their TikTok presence multiplies the number of listeners a given episode will get. Lumague targets her core demographic on the app and produces intentionally casual content, leaning into the parasocial intimate relationship she’s fostering with followers. Podcasting’s superpower of intimacy and authenticity can also be leveraged elsewhere. [Source]

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