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Tolerating Podcast Ads, SAG-AFTRA AI Waiver, & More

Tolerating Podcast Ads, SAG-AFTRA AI Waiver, & More

June 6, 2024

“My Audience Won’t Tolerate Advertising” by Tom Webster

The headline is a familiar refrain in podcasting. Webster has decided to put it to the test with Sounds Profitable’s upcoming study Ad Nauseam, which surveyed 1,000 weekly podcast listeners on their expectations with podcast ads. When it came to the percentage of weekly podcast listeners who said ads were “intolerable,” the final result was 1%. On Wednesday, June 12 at 3:00 p.m. EST, Webster will host a free half-hour webinar debuting key findings from Ad Nauseam. Registration is open now. [Source]

Magellan AI: Ad Load On Top 500 Podcasts Approaches 10% During Q1

The H1 2024 edition of Magellan AI’s podcast advertising market trends report is here. Key findings include the concept that ad loads rise along with a show’s popularity. The top 500 podcasts tracked by Magellan AI dedicate 9.77% of episode time to advertising, while shows ranking 501 – 3,000 average 7.95% and shows below the top 3,000 average 8.25%. In general, Magellan AI finds each segment of podcasting has more advertising now than a year ago, with ad load in the top 500 podcasts in Q1 increased 57% year over year. [Source]

Member Message Regarding New Dynamic A.I. Audio Commercials Waiver

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has published a memo to all members sharing a new waiver for actor regarding the use of dynamic A.I. audio in commercials. The waiver aims to set terms for a fair compensation of a voice actor whose voice is cloned for the purpose of personalizing digital audio ads (e.g. an ad that generates copy based on local weather, time of day, or location data from the listener’s device). The waiver includes requirements that producers properly safeguard voice files and delete all copies at the end of an employment relationship. [Source]

Gen Alpha parents are learning about brands and products from their kids by Jeena Sharma

A new survey from the analytics arm of DKC collected responses from 1,000 American adult parents of Gen Alpha children aged 8 to 13. 95% of respondent parents say they learn about new products or brands from their kids. And 49% of those parents’ purchasing decisions were influenced by the child’s opinion. Gen Alpha already has some buying power, as well, with 91% of parents saying their children love to shop and 92% said their kids are great at finding “interesting new products.” [Source]

The cases for and against The Trade Desk’s Top 100 List by Seb Joseph and Ronan Shields

LThe recent publication of The Trade Desk’s top 100 advertisers has caused some discourse in the advertising industry. The pro side of the piece proposes the list serves as a starting point for nuanced discussion about what advertisers should prioritize when buying media based on consent and first-party data. The con side raises concerns like notable omissions of premium publishers, and the size of The Trade Desk in the industry. When any third-party option becomes the defacto option, it can become concerning for the wider industry. [Source]

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