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Spreaker’s Supporter Club, Spotify entre dans ACPM, & more

Spreaker’s Supporter Club, Spotify entre dans ACPM, & more

February 19, 2024

Spreaker Introduces Supporters Club.

As of this morning Spreaker has launched a new offering dubbed the Supporters Club. The new feature allows podcast fans to pay their favorite creators through a monthly subscription model, except in Spreaker’s case the subscription has no platform fees. 100% of the money paid to the Supporters Club goes to the creator. Spreaker says the move aims to make their hosting service an equitable platform in hopes of fostering a sustainable and vibrant creative podcast ecosystem. [Source]

Quill 2024 Marketing Trends Report

Quill has partnered with Carney to publish a report collecting dozens of sources together for a snapshot of marketing trends for the year. Key statistics relevant to podcasting include Edison Research’s finding that, for the first time, Americans are listening to more on-demand audio (such as podcasts and live music services) than live audio (such as radio). The Podcast Landscape found podcast audiences are almost as likely to listen to a branded show as they are a celebrity-hosted one. And according to The Juice’s State of B2B Podcast Listener, most podcast listeners are decision-makers at their company. [Source]

Spotify Embraces French Podcasting

The Alliance pour les Chiffres de la Presse et des Médias (ACPM) has announced Spotify is now an associate member after bringing their Megaphone distribution platform into compliance with ACPM regulations. Spotify is the latest in a small group of podcasting platforms that have gone beyond basic IAB compliance to take a country-specific approach, meeting local standards for measurement. For context on the importance of the ACPM we suggest checking out Sarah Toporoff’s article The French Exception: Podcast Measurement. [Source]

Coming to your streamer soon: more ads by Peter Kafka

A new chart from Business Insider plots the ad load of seven video streamers (Discovery+, Disney+, Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock, and Pluto) measured by ad minutes per hour. While some services have fluctuated over the past two years, as of Q4 2023 the seven have gravitated towards an ad load that varies from 10 ads per hour (Paramount+) to 2 (Netflix). The chart does not take into account streaming services that have added ad-supported tiers since 2022. Meanwhile, in podcasting, ads on free content have largely been accepted, if not expected by audiences. [Source]

From Grey to Gold: shifting marketing’s focus to the Over-55 consumer base by Andrew Goldsmith

Adelicious Managing Director Andrew Goldsmith writes on the marketing industry’s tendency to focus on younger audiences, leading to an age gap in both representation in advertising itself, and effectively targeting markets. For instance, Wavemaker and On Device Research found last year that only 24% of TV ads feature people over 50, and only 5% of influencer advertising targets 50+. While the focus on appealing to younger demographics has been fruitful, Goldsmith suggests the focus has been disproportionate. The same is true for podcasting. As Sounds Profitable The Medium Moves the Message found, the median age of heavy radio and TV users is significantly older than those successfully converted to heavy podcast listeners. Podcasting is doing better at bringing in the 55+ demographic, but there is still room to improve. [Source].

…as for the rest of the news: Brené Brown is bringing multiple podcasts to Vox from Spotify, The Hollywood Reporter has published this year’s Ambies nominees, and James Cridland has constructed a timeline tracking the release and impact of the iOS 17 update that changed auto-download behavior in Apple Podcasts.